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Fall 2015 Fashion For The Urban San Francisco Woman
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Fall 2015 Fashion For The Urban San Francisco Woman

Picture of Katie Ward
Updated: 2 December 2016
Fall has arrived, and though San Francisco has finally reached its warmest months of the year, women around the city are taking advantage of fall 2015’s hottest fashion trends. Read on to find out about the best trends for the commuting, working San Francisco woman this fall.

Grey Grey Grey

Head-to-toe grey is a popular trend for San Francisco women this fall. You can wear this color scheme to work, and look sleek and professional, or wear it out on the town. With a crisp, sophisticated look like this, passersby might even confuse you for Karl the Fog.

Lady Loafers

Lady loafers are the working woman’s perfect shoe choice in a hilly San Francisco. With a low heel and round toe, these shoes add a reasonable amount of height, accentuating your legs and making your commute that much more manageable. They can be worn casually, giving each outfit a funky, vintage feel, or they can be worn to work or class. Keep your professionalism without blistering your feet with lady loafers this fall!

High-Waisted Anything

High-waisted trousers, jeans, and skirts have been a growing trend for several years now, and fall 2015 isn’t going to change that. This trend is known for its slimming effects. By accentuating the waist and lengthening the legs, this is a great style for women who want to follow the flattering, vintage craze. High-waisted clothing is comfortable and practical, making it perfect for the San Francisco woman.

Long Summer, Short Skirt

Miniskirts are back for fall 2015, and this is the perfect trend for San Francisco’s standard Indian summer. When the weather begins to warm unseasonably late in the year, around September and October, San Francisco women are finally able to pull out some of their favorite summer items, and this year they will gravitate to the miniskirt. Youthful miniskirts of all fabrics and patterns have been seen on the runway this year, but they follow a similar silhouette: high waist, short hemline. For women who prefer to cover up, this is a perfect piece to pair with funky tights.

Plaid and Gingham

Plaid is a go-to fall staple, and this year’s Women’s Fall Fashion Week saw plenty of it. Plaid and gingham were integrated into many different looks, particularly on capes and wool ponchos. Once the sun hides behind the clouds and fog in the evening, this will be a cozy and popular way to warm up any outfit.

Patterned, Ripped, and Colored Tights

Ripped and patterned tights are back. They look great with the aforementioned miniskirts, and are the perfect way to make the wind chill a bit more manageable here in SF. Pair these with a dress to wear to work, or wear them with high-waisted shorts for a day in one of San Francisco’s lovely parks. Either way, you’ll be adding to your look and your day won’t be ruined by crummy weather.

Ankle Boots

Booties have been another growing trend in past years. This year, we’ll see that trend continue to grow. Black boots of different heights and styles were popular on the runway this year. Pick a flat, close-toed pair for a practical, grungy shoe solution on a rainy day, or choose a chunky heeled bootie for work or happy hour. This phenomenon is versatile, just like the San Francisco woman.

Funky Pockets

Pockets. They are essential, and they are tragically absent in a majority of women’s clothing. In previous years, we barely had pockets large enough for our smart phones, but this fall is going to change everything. Funky pockets made a prominent appearance at Fall Fashion Week this year, and they are an exciting and functional addition to many different types of clothing: pantsuits, coats, skirts, and more. Thank goodness we finally have a safe place to store our clipper cards.

Leather and Fur

Leather and fur coats are a classic fall outerwear staple, and this year should be no different. We’re seeing an interesting array of leather styles, from motorcycle jackets to shear-lined coats. And colored leather is also making a splash on the Fall 2015 scene — look for a feminine pastel moto jacket, or an edgy maroon coat. Fur (faux or otherwise) is equally popular, and this year, the fluffier the better. If you’re trying to glamorize any evening outfit, be sure to pick up a leather or fur coat.

Unique Silhouettes

This year we’re seeing a dramatic shift in the silhouettes of our looks. Unique pattern-work, draping, and outlines were a hit on the runway, proving that a simple fabric can go a long way when it is manipulated properly. We’ve seen crop tops layered over long blouses, capes paired with high-waisted pants, and Victorian-inspired necklines. If you’re looking for a little adventure in your wardrobe, be sure to try out some new silhouettes this fall.