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The Top Restaurants In Alameda, California

The Top Restaurants In Alameda, California

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Updated: 9 February 2017
When you reach the small island of Alameda, you notice how important dining is. There is a type of restaurant for everyone’s tastes. Now that Alameda is developing and adding more businesses and restaurants the experience of dining out has expanded greatly. Although there is much to choose from, and the older restaurants still remain busy, these are the best restaurants Alameda has to offer.
Best Lil Porkhouse Alameda
The Best Lil Porkhouse

Best Lil’ Porkhouse

The Alameda location of Best Lil’ Porkhouse is the third in Northern California. This location opened towards the end of 2014 and business has been booming ever since. The atmosphere blends big cities with a down home country feel between the flashy lights and the picnic table covers.

Alameda was lacking in options for barbecue before Best Lil’ Porkhouse came along and it has been welcomed with open arms. Best Lil’ Porkhouse keeps you coming back for more with their generous portions, variety of options and delicious food. It’s a restaurant that makes you want to explore the menu to its entirety.


Wine Waffles Alameda
Alameda’s Wine & Waffles delicious logo

Wine & Waffles

Wine & Waffles emphasis is definitely on the wine (they have about 200 in their collection) but their food certainly keeps you coming back for more. The chicken & waffle Sliders and jalapeno bacon macaroni & cheese are just two of the delicious menu items that everyone raves about. You can’t go wrong with a restaurant that provides good food, good surroundings, good music and good wine.


The Habit Burger Grill
Habit Burger Grill Meal

The Habit Burger Grill

The Habit Burger Grill is a chain restaurant with 125 locations in the country and even though the idea isn’t new, it is something much needed in Alameda. Prior to The Habit Burger Grill moving in, Alameda was scarce for tasty and affordable burgers. This place combines both beautifully. Located in the Alameda Landing, The Habit Burger Grill has become exactly that; a habit for Alamedans since its opening. It has long lines and long wait times but it is worth it. If you want a good burger and don’t want to break the bank at the same time, The Habit Burger Grill is the place to go.


Sushi House Alameda
Sushi House, as they prepare for the lunch rush

Sushi House

Sushi House is the best place to go for Sushi in Alameda. The menu features dozens of different Sushi. This restaurant offers specialty rolls named after well known Bay Area staples like alameda, raiders and golden gate. Even a non sushi lover can enjoy Sushi House. Their teriyaki, asparagus beef and tempura can all be ordered sans seafood. Still, being such a large restaurant with both indoor and patio seating, Sushi House is always packed with people.


The Hobnob Alameda
The Hobnob Restaurant: providing the most fun in Alameda

The Hobnob

The Hobnob’s happy hour has been voted the best in Alameda. Not only are the drinks something to rave about, their truffle fries are their most popular item on the menu. The Hobnob stands apart from the other restaurants in Alameda because of its make your own fun atmosphere. It has an entire game section where customers can sit and play card and board games all night long and join in on karaoke nights. You’ll come in for a drink, try the fries and stay awhile playing games with your friends.