Diverse Eats You'll Find On Los Angeles' Eastside

Photo of C. Marie Cradle
7 December 2016

Much of the celebrated Los Angeles food scene is concentrated in the Westside. However, a substantial part of town gets left out of the conversation. LA’s historic Eastside is a culinary find, and not just for its expected authentic Mexican flair. We dig into the diverse menu of this part of the city here.

Gourmet Guisados Tacos | Courtesy of C. Marie Cradle

Guisados Tacos

There are hundreds of taco restaurants dotted all over the East LA map, but Guisados Tacos is a clear standout. With an upscale approach to the typical taco, the Boyle Heights neighborhood taqueria impresses with its ingredient variance on the menu and gastronomical quality in preparation and cooking. Guisados is named after its signature offerings, ‘stewed’ tacos, which are prepared from the crack of dawn.

Love Hate Rock Bar | Courtesy of C. Marie Cradle

Love Hate Rock Bar

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Un Solo Sol
Un Solo Sol | Courtesy of C. Marie Cradle
Conveniently a half block away from the busy Atlantic Metro Gold Line stop is an atypical East LA dive bar with an equally surprising menu. Here we find 80s Rock-n-Roll-themed Love Hate Rock Bar serving up delicious American comfort food with a fancy twist. East LA’s eclectic gastropub is open daily for heavy metal lovers and all who are hungry.

Un Solo Sol

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Un Solo Sol

Un Solo Sol shines at providing a craveable and diverse menu. Well beyond predictable Mexican, the colorful hole-in-the-wall satisfies the global palate of the Americas to half a world away in Europe and Asia. A quick, flavorful Sol bite that rivals a taco is the Salvadorean pupusa, a patron favorite. Un Solo Sol is appreciated for its warm and artsy atmosphere, highlighted by colorful local art pieces hanging on the walls.

Un Solo Sol, 1818 E. 1st St., Los Angeles, CA, USA, +1 323 269 8680

Cha Cha Chili

In the lesser known Eastside neighborhood of El Sereno is Cha Cha Chili, a modern Californian restaurant with heavy Asian and Latino influences. For those who prefer to eat with a fork, the Asian bowls are hearty with a lot of Japanese noodles, fresh veggies and choice of meats.

El Gallo Bakery | Courtesy of C. Marie Cradle

El Gallo Bakery

Bread is a staple, and it’s even better when sweet. El Gallo Bakery is an East LA institution popular for its panes dulces, and other Mexican baked goods. With many mouthwatering choices, dilemmas break out by the bakery counter on which freshly baked delicious treats to pick. El Gallo’s faithful patrons crowd in and buy often by the dozen, so it’s best to come early to not only beat the rush but to also have the most wide selection of goodies, which includes day-old but still delicious items.

King Taco

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Reigning supreme in LA authentic taco land, King Taco is a must-try for a simple but masterful Mexican bite. Originating in Northeast LA, the fast food restaurant holds court throughout the East LA neighborhood, in eastern LA county suburbs and parts of neighboring Inland Empire. The chain’s massive following is justified by its consistent deliciousness within the tortillas and corn meal husks.