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Discover Glen Park: A Village Within San Francisco

Discover Glen Park: A Village Within San Francisco

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Updated: 26 October 2016
People from around the globe love San Francisco for its many beautiful, historical and entertaining tourist attractions — but locals love it for all its fantastic neighborhoods, and Glen Park is right up there with the best. For its relatively small size and humble, village-like vibe, this neighborhood sure offers a lot.
Glen Park Festival features musical acts like Jinx Jones and the KingTones. Courtesy of Glen Park Festival Association
Glen Park Festival features musical acts like Jinx Jones and the KingTones. Courtesy of Glen Park Festival Association

Glen Park Festival

Each year in April, neighbors, businesses, families, artists and visitors gather for the Glen Park Festival — a celebration of this vibrant village. Here you can really feel how ethnically, socially and culturally diverse the neighborhood is. This all-neighborhood gathering started way back in 1911. Its modern inception began in 1997, when locals wanted to create a gathering to celebrate and highlight the talented artists and craftspeople in their community.

The festival combines the original concept of creativity with sports, music, food, dance and children’s activities. Among the endless things to participate in are a Tooth Fairy visit, puppet making with the Rabbit Hole, One Martial Arts demonstration, Bricks for Kidz interactive Lego demonstration, mask making with Drawbridge and street painting with Little Artistas. The Glen Park Festival raises money for children’s programs such as field trips, educational programs, and playground and sports equipment. The festival is held along Diamond Street between Bosworth and Chenery, and extends down Wilder Street.

Glen Park Festival, 2816 Diamond Street, San Francisco, CA, USA

Gialina Pizzeria

The restaurants along Glen Park’s main thoroughfares stand up to the highest quality eateries in cities across America. As a matter of fact, Rachel Ray Magazine put Gialina Pizzeria on Diamond Street on its list of top 64 pizzerias in the country. The San Francisco Chronicle placed it on its list of top 100 restaurants in the Bay Area. The Food Network celebrated Gialina in an episode entitled ‘Pizza: The Edible Frisbee of Glee.’ The secret to all the hoopla is Chef Sharon Ardiana’s creative spin on the traditional Italian menu. She actually named the restaurant after her inspiring grandmother, Nonni Lina. Every day, diners can choose from fresh antipasti, ricotta Cavatelli, and soft polenta with chicken breast. But by far its most popular offerings are the thin-crust pizzas. Get decadent with black mission figs, carmelized onions, and arugula. Or how about russet potatoes, bacon, red onions, and Gorgonzola? Or you can go for the most popular selection, the Atomica, with tomato, chilies, red onions, mushrooms, and mozzarella. Ardiana ensures the freshest ingredients by changing the seasonal menu often based on produce obtained from local farms.