Cynthia Linh: The Beauty, Brains And Appetite Behind CynEats

Cynthia Linh: The Beauty, Brains And Appetite Behind CynEats
Meet Cynthia Linh from CynEats, one of San Francisco’s most beloved and prominent food bloggers. Her blog and social media platforms serve as outlets to channel her creativity and showcase incredible pictures that display her love for food, travel and the city life. Cynthia has teamed up with new business partner Katey Yurko to create a fabulous new publication called Violet Fog. Check out some of The Culture Trip’s favorite Instagram shots from CynEats.
Cyn Eats takes some of her favorite Misters to the park! 😋
Stacking up on sandwiches at Tartine Bakery! 🍞
Because regular sized donuts are too basic! 🙊🍩
You scream, Cyn Eats screams, we all scream for ice cream donut sandwiches 😍
Lean wit it, rock wit it at Lush Gelato 🍦
Bowl so hard at Cyn Eat’s event at Glaze Teriyaki #CynGetsGlazed 🍱
Cyn Eats celebrating National Donut Day the only way she knows how! 🍩
Sushi from Roka Akor San Francisco makes Cyn Eats’ world go round! 🐟
Coffee is Cyn Eats’ favorite hand warmer and cure to San Francisco’s cold weather ☕️
A sweet beginning for Cyn Eats & Katey Yurko on Violet Fog 😋

Compiled by Brie Shimada