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Entrance to a cat café | © Victor Grigas/WikiCommons
Entrance to a cat café | © Victor Grigas/WikiCommons
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Los Angeles' First Cat Café To Open On Melrose

Picture of Mary Pettas
Updated: 21 December 2016
For some reason, it’s a recent trend to somehow incorporate animals with new restaurant openings. People on social media have been going crazy for it, and cafés have been popping up all over the world ever since everyone got wind that cat cafés even existed. It’s altogether not a bad idea to combine two of the most popular things ever in modern society: cats and coffee.

To the public’s understanding, a cat café is simply a coffeehouse where cats roam around freely to delight customers while they sip their lattes. As animals have been proven to help relieve stress, this can be a very appealing addition to the experience of going out for your morning cup of joe. Or if you simply can’t have a kitten in your home but still really enjoy feline company, this is the ideal way to get your fill of both caffeine and cat fur. The cafés were first popularized in Japan and Thailand, and in the recent year, the phenomenon has spread all across the States.

Cat café in Japan | ©sprklg/Wikimedia

While health code violations come to mind, it is required that the actual food products and the animals be kept strictly separate. This ensures that customers don’t keep returning their drinks because they found a hair in them and obviously ensures cleanliness in food preparation. It also keeps the cats out of the bag – that is, the coffee grounds. However, in the case of cat allergies, it’s probably safe to say that customers won’t subject themselves to the risk just to get a cup of coffee. The concept is less about the product and more about the gimmick, so it’s doubtful customers will be drawn by the goods that are sold; instead, they will come for the animals.

LA’s very own cat café will open, after much anticipation, on September 30th to great fanfare. Crumbs & Whiskers is sure to be slammed with kitty cuddlers the opening weekend, but hopefuls can make an appointment for only $22 for a 75-minute session with the eligible kittens. Happily, all the animals will be saved from local shelters and available for adoption should you fall desperately in love with a certain feline and want to bring them home.

Entrance To Cat Cafe ©Victor Grigas/Wikimedia
Entrance to a cat café | © Victor Grigas/WikiCommons