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PCH near Laguna Beach/Wikimedia Commons
PCH near Laguna Beach/Wikimedia Commons

Brief History Of The Pacific Coast Highway

Picture of Mary Pettas
Updated: 1 September 2016
Imagine coasting down a winding road, convertible top down, with the sea breeze running through your hair, palm trees swaying in the wind and the sun shining down on the water. The Pacific Coast Highway is probably the most iconic and scenic route left in America, and it’s the dream destination for avid road trippers, car lovers, and travel geeks in general. The entire length of the PCH stretches from north to south along the entirety of the United States’ western border of the Pacific Ocean (hence the name, Pacific Coast Highway). Drivers can take it from San Diego to LA, San Francisco, and all the way up to Washington state. With the vast majority of the highway located in California, it has become a classic symbol of the state’s substantial natural beauty.
PCH in Big Sur