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The Best Restaurants In Downtown Berkeley, California
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The Best Restaurants In Downtown Berkeley, California

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Situated just between the UC Berkeley campus and the downtown Berkeley BART station, this neighborhood holds some of the best restaurants in the city. Escape the busy crowded streets of downtown at one of these places, serving up delicious food and relaxing atmosphere.
Brunch at La Note | ©  C.K. Tse/Flickr
Brunch at La Note | © C.K. Tse/Flickr


Escape just a few blocks from Downtown Berkeley BART at Comal, an inspired Mexican restaurant serving everything from tacos to craft cocktails and homemade sangria. Diners choose between the refined indoor area and stunning outdoor patio complete with fire pit. The menu features a modern spin on traditional Mexican cuisine with a focus on the flavors of Oaxaca. Both small and larger dishes like spit-roasted whole chicken provide the perfect setting for sharing with friends or a date.

Comal, 2020 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA, USA 510 926 6300

Dinner at Comal | © star5112/Flickr
Dinner at Comal | © star5112/Flickr

La Note

Known in Berkeley as one of the very best brunch spots, this French restuarant on the outskirts of downtown provides some of the most irresistible food in the area. Crowds of hungry customers waiting for coveted tables characterize weekend mornings at La Note. Breakfast favorites include oatmeal raspberry pancakes and les oeufs lucas, soft scrambled eggs with goat cheese, chives, and intensely sweet roasted tomatoes. Whether craving something savory or sweet, La Note is a great respite from the bustle of downtown.

La Note, 2377 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA, USA 510 843 1535

Pizza | © Chris/Flickr
Pizza | © Chris/Flickr

Sliver Pizzeria

An offshoot of the famous Cheeseboard Pizza down the road in the Gourmet Ghetto, Sliver is a relatively recent addition to the makeup of downtown Berkeley. Their pizzas are created using fresh ingredients with toppings like corn, mozzarella, French feta, and summer squash. Each pizza is carefully crafted, highlighting the flavors of intensely delicious vegetables and cheeses. The restaurant serves only one variety of pizza every day, so check their website before coming in.

Sliver Pizzeria, 2132 Center Street, Berkeley, CA, USA 510 356 4044

Squid Ink Spaghetti | ©  Jameson Fink/Flickr
Squid Ink Spaghetti | © Jameson Fink/Flickr


Located just below UC Berkeley on Oxford Street, Gather has had customers lining up since opening in 2009. Boasting Northern Californian cuisine made with locally sourced artisan ingredients, the restaurant is a true gem and a must see for visitors to the area. Try one of their great burgers or indulge with pork belly accompanied by lentils and pancetta. Their extensive and diverse menu is sure to please customers of all tastes.

Gather, 2200 Oxford Street, Berkeley, CA, USA 510 809 0400

Vegan Charcuterie at Gather | © the foodhoe/Flickr
Vegan Charcuterie at Gather | © the foodhoe/Flickr

Belli Osteria

Certainly one of the most refined locations in Downtown Berkeley, Belli Osteria provides some of the best Italian food in the area. Featuring handmade pastas and ravioli, the restaurant takes care to create thoughtful and balanced dishes. Their commitment to local and organic ingredients produces truly special dishes. The menu changes frequently to reflect the bounty of the season, featuring pasta dishes like squid ink linguini.

Belli Osteria, 2016 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA, USA 510 704 1902