The Best Playgrounds In Berkeley

Photo of Clara Obstfeld
9 February 2017

With tons of green spaces and kid-friendly places, the Bay Area is an ideal place to grow up and an exciting area for anyone visiting from out of town. The parks here are as diverse as they are innovative, attracting people of all ages. Boasting everything from speedy concrete slides to beautiful vistas of San Francisco and beyond, Berkeley has some truly amazing spots for children.

Play Structure at Cordornices Park

Strawberry Creek Park

One of the few green spaces near downtown Berkeley, Strawberry Creek Park is a fantastic location for a picnic, ball games, or a day spent on the play structure. With soccer, basketball, and tennis facilities, everyone is sure to find an activity that strikes their fancy. The park also has a fantastic school-age play area featuring a large wooden play structure plus a fast, shiny slide for the more adventurous children.

Strawberry Creek Park, 1260 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA, USA

Tunnel at Cordornices | © Aurelia J. Schultz/Flickr
Tunnel at Cordornices | © Aurelia J. Schultz/Flickr

Cordornices Park

Located just across from the Berkeley Rose Garden and overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, Cordornices Park is an attraction for kids of all ages. The main event is certainly the huge concrete slide that sends kids zipping down the hillside on scraps of slippery cardboards. The play structure, complete with swings and multiple less-intimidating slides, is perfect for younger kids. With a softball field, basketball courts, and even a gurgling creek, the playground is just the beginning.

Cordornices Park,1202 Euclid Ave., Berkeley, CA, USA

Play Structure at Cordornices Park
Play Structure at Cordornices Park

Glendale-La Loma Park

Tot Play Structure
Tot Play Structure | Cedar Rose Park
Tucked discreetly in the steeply winding streets of the Berkeley Hills, Glendale-La Loma’s multi-layered design provides visitors with a wide array of play areas all of which are set into the hill. Two weathered wooden play structures designed for kids of all ages occupy the highest level of the park. Below, a quaint, understated ball field overlooks the San Francisco Bay, providing the perfect venue for a competitive game or simple picnic.

Cedar Rose Park

Just adjacent to the Ohlone Greenway that curves through Berkeley, Albany, and El Cerrito, Cedar Rose Park is a great stop after a bike ride or destination for its own sake. It is tucked between Cedar and Rose Street and occupies an entire block. Complete with a tot area featuring large concrete tunnels and a school-age play area with swings and a colorful play structure, the park can easily occupy an afternoon of fun. The large green lawn is perfect for soccer, football, or even a game of capture the flag.

Cedar Rose Park, 1300 Rose St., Berkeley, CA, USA

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