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Flickr ©Eric Kilby
Flickr ©Eric Kilby
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Best Healthy Neighborhoods In LA

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Los Angeles in general is a pretty health-centric place to live, with the organic and vegan crazes taking over grocery stores and restaurants everywhere. In addition, boutique gyms, yoga studios, and spin classes abound along with the variety of outdoor activities that are available in the year-round nice weather such as surfing and hiking. However, the tendency to drive everywhere and the fact that LA is not much of a biking or walking city overall, certainly contributes to a lack of daily movement with many citizens spending most of their days sitting at their desks or in traffic. Although exercising is very popular, there are certain neighborhoods that are more conducive to healthy habits than others. Based on this Trulia report, here are the top 5 and what makes them so good for their neighbors when considering peaceful streets, public parks, and resources such as nearby hospitals.


1) Plaza

This is actually a neighborhood in the nearby vicinity of Long Beach, which can feel very commercialized at times with its extremely large seaports of Long Beach and San Pedro that dock gigantic cruises and cargo ships. Nevertheless, on the east side of the city where this neighborhood is located, it is much quieter with almost all the streets in this little area being exceptionally noise-free. In addition, there are lots of nearby amenities including eight parks and plenty of pharmacies and daycare centers.

Flickr ©Eric Kilby

Flickr ©Eric Kilby

2) Sunset (or Sunpark)

This is a very safe and surprisingly quiet neighborhood that is actually a small part of Santa Monica…again, it’s technically its own vicinity, but still very much considered an integral part of LA as it is right on the city border of Pico. Sunset is inland Santa Monica so it doesn’t border the ocean, but it is right next to Ocean Park, the neighborhood that lines the beaches, so it is very close and suitable for riding bikes to the large public spaces alongside the Pacific. In addition, next to the small Santa Monica Airport there is a well-known public green space called Clover Park that attracts the families of this quaint neighborhood.


Flickr ©mrhayata

Flickr ©mrhayata

3) Beverly Center (Beverly Grove)

Also known as Beverly Hills adjacent, this neighborhood inherits many of the qualities that make the famous area great. Despite the very near proximity to all the restaurants and shops on 3rd street and the massive Beverly Center mall, the streets are relatively quiet. The central location means that it is very close to many different health resources such as hospitals, care centers, and a plethora of gyms, grocery stores, and high-end organic restaurants.

Flickr ©Smart DestinationsFlickr ©Smart Destinations

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