An Interview With Fashion Designer Daniel Sudar

Photo of Magdalene Chan
6 December 2016

Daniel Sudar is a San Francisco designer and restauranteur who got into design after a kitchen accident 12 years ago. Daniel sat down with fellow artist, photographer, fine arts painter and jewelry designer Magdalene Chan to discuss how he got into the fashion industry, what he loves the most about his job, and why he will always stay in San Francisco.

Daniel Sudar | Photo © Stuart Locklear

Why Did You Get Into Fashion?

Fashion started as a hobby. After an oil explosion burned half my face in the kitchen 12 years ago, I decided to expand my interest in fashion as a second option. What if cooking did not work out for me? What would I do? So I started designing jewelry and selling it online. Since my family background was in the jewelry business, I utilized the sources I had and did my own jewelry and fashion design. I took six months off, studied fashion on my own, and created my own fashion line. I showed my collection in a small charity fashion show, where celebrity chef Art Smith spotted me and asked me to design his wedding suit. Three months later, the wedding suit was featured in People Magazine and that started the ball rolling from San Francisco to Hollywood.

What Do You Love About Fashion?

Watching people so pleased to be wearing my garments makes me happy. That’s the only reason I became fashion designer.

What Inspired You To Be a Designer?

Men’s fashion in the 1800’s. In that era, people dressed up so chic with very well-tailored garments. I admire how sleek the fashion was.

What Inspires Your Designs?

My inspiration comes from different cultures and eras. When I can blend two different cultures and eras together, it is very interesting. It is so powerful.

What Do You Love About San Francisco?

I love San Francisco. San Francisco is a melting pot, different cultures in one place. San Francisco is the place where I started as a fashion designer. I would like stay in San Francisco. Although I have been and will continue to expand my business elsewhere, San Francisco is my home.