A Weekend In Cedarville, CA: Where To Shop, Eat, And Read

A Weekend In Cedarville, CA: Where To Shop, Eat, And Read
Looking for a peaceful weekend getaway? Looking to commune with nature, enjoy beautiful vistas, and a charming ‘old west’ lifestyle? Look no further than Cedarville, CA a small obscure town in Modoc County located in north east California. So for your weekend away in the mountains make sure to check out our favorite places to eat, shop and read below.
Country Hearth © Chloe Miller-Bess

Country Hearth

Hungry after the long journey? Your first stop should be Country Hearth, a charming, rustic restaurant and bakery. For a small town restaurant, Country Hearth boasts a truly diverse menu. In addition to the delicious bakery, diners will find expansive Mexican cuisine options, fresh seafood dishes, simple Italian cuisine, and the famed prime rib. It’s easy to spend every meal at Country Hearth, but if you’re only visiting once or twice, the breakfast and lunch menus must be explored. Traditional rustic diner foods are offered during breakfast, but there is nothing typical about their presentation. The hash browns are a must in the morning with every dish – thin, delicately shredded potatoes are fried into a crisp hash and served with toasted, house-made bread and eggs or ham. The Bavarian French toast is great as well, consisting of three large freshly baked cinnamon rolls dipped in a rich egg custard. Vegetarians are fed well at Country Hearth, with plenty of meatless options and one of the best veggie burgers diners will experience! The burger is a simple garden burger fried until a crisp crust forms, locking in moisture and flavor, paired with a toasted homemade bun. Any diner who enjoys a meal is guaranteed a good one at Country Hearth!

Surprise! Café © Chloe Miller-Bess

Surprise! Café

The Surprise! Café is the perfect place to stop for a quick coffee, brunch, and a good book or light lunch with friends. Surprise! Café embodies everything a true café is meant to: a light, peaceful atmosphere with good, fresh food; a delicious coffee menu; friendly, sincere staff; and a venue that one can easily spend an afternoon relaxing in. The café is known for its fresh, gourmet tossed salads, paninis, and tasty, handmade breakfasts. Make sure to stop by at least once during your weekend, either for an early morning coffee or quick fruit smoothie.

Inside Warner Mountain Weavers © Chloe Miller-Bess

Warner Mountain Weavers

Whether you crochet, knit, weave, or felt, Warner Mountain Weavers is the place for you. It is not only a must-see for yarn lovers but for any tourist. This quaint yarn shop is located at the far end of Main Street in a beautiful old cottage, surrounded by a lush, green garden. Floor to ceiling shelves full of beautiful, handspun yarns greet you upon entering. You will find that the majority of the yarn is spun locally from local materials and animals. Visitors will also find unique rugs, blankets, and wearable garments, hand-crafted with natural fibers and colors by local artisans. Warner Mountain Weavers holds a variety of classes in its upstairs studio in addition to the annual Wool Gathering conference. You can never have too much yarn, so plan ahead and attend one of the classes, or stop in to indulge in a bit of shopping!

Floating Island Books © Chloe Miller-Bess

Floating Island Books

A trip to Floating Island Books is the best way to spend a long, relaxing afternoon. This quaint shop is truly a book lover’s dream, with floor-length shelves lining the walls and books covering every surface. Floating Island may be a small corner bookshop, but it offers a large culturally and socially diverse selection. Visitors will also find unique and current artwork featured, beautiful postcards, and t-shirts, as well as decorative journals and pocket books hand-bound and published by the owner. Stop by after lunch or before dinner and be prepared for a treasure hunt, because leaving empty handed is not an option!

Inside The Mercantile © Chloe Miller-Bess

The Wholesome Goodness Co. Mercantile

Anything from antique tea sets, clothing, jewelry, tapestries, local honey and jams, decorative horseshoes, full-size wooden coffins, and one antique porcelain bath tub can be found at The Wholesome Goodness Co. Mercantile. It is truly a mercantile in its large, economically diverse selection of merchandise. The mercantile is full of beautiful, hand-crafted items and one of a kind vintage furniture and accessories. With reasonable prices it is truly a consignment lover’s dream. Stop by and peruse the charming shop for just about anything your heart desires, because window shopping is not an option!

By Chloe Miller-Bess

Chloe is a Bay Area native, poet, freelance writer, expert door wreath maker, baker, and record collector. She graduated from Dominican University of California with her B.A. in English with a Writing Emphasis and is still adjusting to a life that doesn’t revolve around MLA format. Follow her on Instagram or at A Moveable Chloe.