A Visual Love Letter to Los Angeles

Jola Bańkowska / © Culture Trip
Photo of Cassam Looch
Film Editor10 February 2020

The sprawling California metropolis of Los Angeles has attracted fortune hunters for centuries. The search for gold has evolved into a desire for fame, with Hollywood’s film industry attracting millions of people to the city. Here’s an insider’s guide to the ‘City of Stars,’ and why there’s more to LA than just show business.

The Hollywood Sign has come to define the movie industry and is an inescapable part of life in LA, too. The entertainment business as a whole is spread across the city, so don’t think you have to stay in the glitzy (and expensive) neighborhoods up in the hills to experience the glamour of it all.

Jola Bańkowska / © Culture Trip

The sun is a perpetual presence in LA, making it an attractive holiday destination at any time of the year, although intense summers come with their own problems, too. Local authorities have increasingly looked at ways of modernizing different parts of the city, hoping to ease the burden on traffic and housing. Downtown – which saw a dramatic rise and fall in fortunes – is back on the up, with food and art playing a part in making it one of the trendiest places to be seen in an already trendy town.

There are famed beaches and boardwalks a short bus ride away from the heart of the city, although you’ll most likely take an Uber if you’re visiting LA. A metro system is also in operation, and just like Downtown, it is also undergoing something of a renaissance.

Jola Bańkowska / | © Culture Trip

Just beyond the city limits, you will find vast nature parks, untamed mountains and acres of open space. Los Angeles has a way of getting under your skin like nowhere else, thanks to the variety of places on offer. Each district has a unique aesthetic, style and vibe. For example, the relaxed way of life in Silver Lake contrasts with the ultra-cool essence of West Hollywood.

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