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Top Los Angeles Swimming Pools For Every Occasion
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Top Los Angeles Swimming Pools For Every Occasion

Picture of Karen Queller
Updated: 9 February 2017
If pools in Los Angeles were like hats, there would be one for every occasion. In a land full of sunshine and even more sunshine, pools are the perfect accessories to any well-tanned body. Lounging by the pool is a favorite activity among Angelinos – the only real question is, which pool to dive into? Here, we have you covered with the top five pools in the City of Angels.


Poolside at the Ace Hotel is like that trendy, stylish hat that you wear when you are dressing to impress! It’s a great place to meet your fellow directors, artists, designers, jet setters, and pop culture enthusiasts. The atmosphere is perfect for a poolside mingle or just enjoying the rooftop view from the heart of downtown L.A. When the pool gets squishy give your hand the honor of holding an impeccable cocktail made by one of their skilled mixologists. Nighttime shines with DJs and live bands so be sure to bring a swanky change of clothes. Check out their calendar for various daytime events, too.

Ace Hotel 929 South Broadway, Los Angeles, California, USA +1 ( 213) 623-3233


The Annenberg Community Beach House Pool is definitely the classic straw sun hat type of pool. It’s accessible, timeless, and multi-faceted. Located right on the Santa Monica State Beach this space creates the summer feel without the whole mess of the beach. It stands as an emblem of California’s past redesigned into California’s current holistic approach to life. This is a great pool to come to with the family, since It has all the amenities that will make a parent’s life easier when faced with demanding kids. When they start getting rowdy, send them inside to the recreation room and they can play a round of table tennis or board games, while you take a free tour of the Marrion Davies house located on site. No membership required.

Annenberg Beach House, 415 Pacific Coast Highway, Santa Monica, California, USA, +1 (310) 458-4904


The Loews Pool is like the Cuban fedora. Grab your newspaper and cigar and lounge poolside while you let the day slip away from you. Catch up on your stocks or finish the book you have been working on all week. You have plenty of time at Loews and will want to savor all the different stages of the sun as it makes its way over the ocean sitting directly in front of you. One little piece of advice: don’t get caught in the pool if you’re not a guest.

Loews, 1700 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, California, USA, +1 (866) 563-9792

Stoner Park Pool

This is the we’re going on a safari, and leave your face covered with sunscreen that hasn’t been fully rubbed in kind of a park . If you thought the Annenberg Pool was a kids’ club, then the Stoner Park pool is like a water-covered Disneyland with the little ones running wild through the big, spurting water structures screaming with joy. This pool is more like a water playground then a pool, as the deep end is 4 feet deep.

Stoner Park Pool, 1835 Stoner Avenue, Los Angeles, California, USA, +1 (310) 575-8286

Rose Bowl Aquatics
Rose Bowl Aquatics photo by Karen Queller

Rose Bowl Aquatics

Lastly, this one is the baseball cap of all pools! The Rose Bowl Aquatics pool is for all the type A people out there who want to get 100 laps in before they go to work. This pool has lanes, so you can secretly race the person next to you, and you will win every time, of course. Sign your child up for swimming lessons here so they can follow in the wake of your front stroke.

Rose Bowl Aquatics, 360 North Arroyo Boulevard, Pasadena, California, USA, +1 (626) 564-0330