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By Aline Ponce
By Aline Ponce
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A Beginner's Guide to Crystals, From One of LA's Favorite Healers

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Wellness Editor
Updated: 15 March 2017
In a small, beautifully adorned room, at the back of a holistic detox spa in Hollywood, Katie Manzella performs crystal healing sessions for receptive clients, many of whom were bewitched by the rainbow-lit stones on her Instagram.

“Crystals have lived in Mother Earth since the beginning of time,” she says. “Ancient civilizations used them as a tool for sacred ceremonies, manifestation, holistic remedies, protection, and to harness highly evolved spiritual energies to assist them along their evolutionary journeys.”

Crystal healers believe the body is surrounded by a biomagnetic field of energy, also known as an aura. When this energy is allowed to flow unencumbered in its own perfectly symmetrical pattern, we feel healthy and happy. If, however, there are blockages in that energy field, things can start to go haywire.

Although it’s easy to dismiss crystal healing as “woo-woo”, there is logic behind the therapy: Just like us, crystals are made up of delicate symmetrical shapes, and the idea behind crystal healing is that the stones’ perfectly ordered pattern is able to bring our crooked pattern back into symmetry, thereby restoring our well-being. In physics this concept is known as the law of entrainment, and it basically attests that, given that everything emits its own vibration, when two objects are in close proximity to one another, the object of weaker vibration entrains to the object of stronger vibration.

Every crystal has its own unique pattern and therefore its own vibration, allowing the healers to select whichever ones are best suited to working out your particular energetic kinks. They are each also thought to connect with a specific chakra, or energy center, in the body: Root (found at the base of the spine, related to basic survival needs like food and money); sacral (found at the lower abdomen, linked to sexuality); solar plexus (found at the upper abdomen, related to self-esteem); heart (found at the center of the chest, linked to love and joy); throat (found at the throat, related to self-expression and communication); third eye (found at the center of the forehead, associated with intuition); and crown (found at the crown on the head, related to spirituality).

Katie describes the crystals as tools that awaken the body’s innate ability to regain its inner balance and heal itself. “I have crystals with my herbs and supplements. You can put them in your makeup bag—crystals enhance any animate or inanimate object.” Here’s her advice for building a starter collection and how to use crystals for self-care, healing and all round positive vibes.

Rose quartz

Courtesy of Katie Manzella

Chakra: Heart

Qualities: Rose quartz creates a cocoon of unconditional love and compassion. The gentle vibrations heal old emotional scars and create space to experience more love and gratitude (which is what makes it a great stone for heartbreak). Old negative patterns are replaced with acts of self-love and forgiveness, so it’s also a useful stone if you have a tendency to give yourself a hard time.

How to use it: Work with rose quartz to channel truthful self-expression from the heart. When you’re feeling out of balance or overwhelmed, hold a rose quartz and visualize yourself encased in a cocoon of soft pink light, transmuting peace, love and understanding.


Courtesy of Katie Manzella

Chakra: Throat and third eye

Qualities: As the stone of alignment, kyanite has the ability to align and clear all the chakras at once. It’s known to calm the mind, awaken intuition and support neurological order.

How to use it: Kyanite is perfect to carry or wear throughout the day to cultivate a sense of self alignment—that feeling that you’ve got your act together. It’s also wonderful to sleep with, as it’s known to enhance dream states, providing restoration and clarity by morning.


Courtesy of Katie Manzella

Chakra: Heart, third eye, crown

Qualities: Often referred to as “Mother Nature’s Prozac”, due to the abundance of the element lithium mica in the stone, lepidolite is a powerful mood stabilizer. It also creates a force field of protection, shielding you from harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by technology and awakening negative ions to stimulate and uplift you.

How to use it: Keep a lepidolite slice near your computer or iPhone to protect from harmful EMF exposure. Carry a tumbled (small pebble-sized) crystal to help stabilize your mood, leaving you blissed out all through the day.

Black tourmaline

Courtesy of Katie Manzella
Courtesy of Katie Manzella

Chakra: Earth Star chakra (a secondary chakra found on the sole of the feet that relates to karmic cycles and past lives)

Qualities: Black tourmaline is a highly protective stone that shields you from outside interference and your own negative energies, in other words ‘bad vibes’ of all kinds. It’s great for keeping you grounded while working with high vibration stones such as selenite, and is also used to harmonize the left and right hemispheres of the brain, providing mental balance.

How to use it: Keep black tourmaline in your home crystal collection or tucked inside your purse to stimulate vitality, ground spiritual energies, and establish a shield of protection that no bad vibes can penetrate.


Courtesy of Katie Manzella
Courtesy of Katie Manzella

Chakra: Crown

Qualities: Selenite is a high vibration stone, also known as “Crystallized Divine Light”, that is said to unify the self. Selenite wands (sticks) can be used to “scan” the energy fields, dissolving blockages and disharmony. It also opens the higher chakras so that complete clarity is restored, expanding the consciousness and filtering negative thoughts.

How to use it: Wave a selenite wand over your body to remove energy blockages. Keep selenite at work or in the home to provide a cleansing and peaceful effect that will raise the vibration of your space.


Courtesy of Katie Manzella

Chakra: Earth Star chakra

Qualities: Hematite is the most grounding crystal in the mineral kingdom, and as the “stone of the mind,” it works to enhance your clarity and joy. By uniting the physical and ethereal realms (it’s a super spiritual stone), hematite conspires to support your success and self-empowerment.

How to use it: Take hematite out into nature. Go hiking and use it to anchor spiritual energies. If you wear this stone as jewelry (a great way to harness the power of crystals all day, every day), keep it on your left side to ensure metaphysical channels stay open and clear.


Courtesy of Katie Manzella

Chakra: Solar plexus, crown

Qualities: Ametrine is the union of amethyst and citrine crystals, whose collective powers provide mental clarity and expanded consciousness. It is also said to stimulate creativity and personal power, with clearing and protective qualities that improve mental and intuitive function, so that we’re able to operate at a higher level of awareness.

How to use it: Ametrine can benefit creative projects or work of any kind by helping the mind stay clear, inspired and focused. Meditating with ametrine will expand consciousness and aid your creative endeavors.


Courtesy of Katie Manzella

Chakra: Root, sacral, solar plexus

Qualities: Carnelian is a stimulating stone used to cultivate vitality and inspiration. Its uplifting qualities will help you appreciate your innate gifts and be fully confident in pursuing your dreams, which makes it a great stone for manifesting passion projects. Carnelian is also a wonderful crystal for awakening sexual energy and welcoming more abundance into your life.

How to use it: When mentally exhausted or experiencing symptoms of burnout, work with Carnelian to stimulate vitality and boost creativity. Carry it in your pocket if you have a public speaking engagement or performance of some type to put your best, most confident self forward.