The Best Asian Restaurants In San Gabriel Valley, California

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9 February 2017

San Gabriel Valley is located east of Downtown Los Angeles. Since a large percentage of this area’s population is Asian, it is known for having some of the richest choices for Asian dining in America. Many residents are immigrants who have brought their unique culinary specialties to the restaurant scene. From hole-in-the-wall establishments to upscale dining that attracts celebrities, there are many options to choose from when deciding where to eat. Here are eight of the best.

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Bull Demon King

Cafe, Asian
If you love Taiwanese – specifically spicy food and noodles, then Bull Demon King should be on the top of your list of restaurants to try. It offers a large variety of beef noodles at varying levels of spiciness, the spiciest being ‘hell’. Even if you’re not into spicy food, their non-spicy noodles such as ‘dan dan’ are worthy of a visit.

Foo Foo Tei

Despite a lot ramen shops recently setting up shop in the area, this one is still a local favorite and is unlike any other local ramen shop. They offer a whopping 31 different kinds of ramen, from menudo to white creamy nanchatte ramen broth. While waiting, you can read one of the Japanese Mangas on the shelf.

Foo Foo Tei, 15018 Clark Ave, Hacienda Heights, CA +1 626 937 6585

Ma Ma’s Lu Dumpling House

Ma Ma’s Lu is a local favorite Chinese dumpling house. Their menu features a large variety of options, ranging from dumplings to fried rice. The juicy pork dumpling (Xiaolongbao) melts in your mouth, and true to the establishment’s name, is their most popular dish.

Ma Ma’s Lu, 153 E Garvey Ave, Monterey Park, CA +1 626 307 5700

Daw Yee Myanmar Café

Cafe, Asian
Burmese food is hard to find in Los Angeles, which makes Daw Yee a true hidden gem. Daw Yee serves up authentic, traditional Burmese food. Meals come beautifully presented, a treat for the eyes and the stomach. They also sell Burmese groceries and goods.

Pho Ngoon

Restaurant, Vietnamese
Pho is everywhere in the San Gabriel Valley, so picking just one pho restaurant try out is not easy. Pho Ngoon is a new kid in the block – and it shows. The interior is modern and the menu is slightly different from the more traditional pho establishments. They offer Pho Cuon, rice paper-wrapped beef roll, which is a rare find in a Vietnamese restaurant. If you want something different and love pho and rolls, then you should check this spot out.

Chengdu Taste

If you like spicy food, then look no further. Chengdu Taste hit San Gabriel Valley like a storm, garnering much acclaim. Being the only establishment to offer authentic Szechuan cuisine in the community, it’s always super packed here – and there’s a reason why. The food here is delectable and their dishes can really deliver a spicy kick.
Chengdu Taste, 828 W Valley Blvd, Alhambra, CA +1 626 588 2284

Lunasia Dim Sum House

Lunasia recently opened a new location in Old Town Pasadena. They are known for their high-quality, fresh dim sum. Unlike most other dim sum places, they offer this every day. It has beautiful decor inside and is located over two stories, with a plethora of seating inside.
Lunasia, 239 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA +1 626 793 8822

Newport Seafood

Restaurant, Thai, Seafood, Vietnamese, $$$
Newport is a traditional Cantonese and Vietnamese-style seafood restaurant. They offer live lobster, which is their most famous dish. They also have complimentary oranges, which are always on the sweet side.

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