The Best Vegan Restaurants In The South Bay Area, California

©tomatoes and friends/Flickr
©tomatoes and friends/Flickr
With more and more people jumping on the vegan bandwagon, there are many cruelty-free restaurants and cafes popping up throughout the area, offering varied choices like Mediterranean, pizza, crepes, Asian and Indian cuisines. So, if you are a vegetarian, vegan, have dietary restrictions that limit your choices or are simply looking for a meatless meal, these seven vegan restaurants in the South Bay Area are definitley worth a visit.

Falafel Bar

This independent restaurant, located in the Westgate Mall, is a no-meat and no-fuss falafel place. Choose from the conventional falafel filled pita, or fill up your bowl with falafels and toppings of your choice. Except for the pita, everything here is gluten free. The artisan sodas are also a much-loved highlight of the cafe. The garlic fries and babagoodnews (babaghanoush) are a must try. These guys are very modest, claiming they only make the third best falafel in the world!

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Merit Vegan Restaurant

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Lebanese tabouleh
Lebanese tabouleh | © Divya Thakur/Flickr
Merit Vegan offers freshly prepared vegan dishes featuring the delicious flavors of Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian and Thai. The food here contains absolutely no MSG, eggs, honey, or dairy products of any kind. With a casual and relaxed ambiance, world music playing in the background, and one of the most eclectic vegan menus in the whole South Bay, Merit is a great place for a meatless indulgence. Spicy lemongrass tofu and Bun Hue are the most recommended dishes here.
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Good Karma Artisan Ales & Café

A local hotspot for specialty craft beers, serving a list of hard-to-find brews coupled with vegan comfort food, Good Karma is the place to be. The decor features kitsch art on the walls and casual bohemian undertones. They also have pet-friendly outdoor seating. A lot of the dishes are traditional comfort food from different parts of the world, with a vegan twist. The fried potatoes, dal and spicy tofu are a must-try, alongside the delectable beers and ales.

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Delicious Crepes Bistro

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crepe with brie cheese
crepe with brie cheese | ©Geoff Peters

A local family owned bistro, run by Natan Ibragimchayev, Delicious Crepes is all about, well, delicious crepes. This all-vegan and gluten-free cafe offers a variety of savory and sweet crepes along with healthy breakfast bowls, soups, salads, rice and quinoa plates, smoothies and scrumptious desserts. The ambiance is relaxed, with music playing in the background and magazines next to the comfy chairs. The tahini cookie and coffee come highly recommended.

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Plant Based Pizza

Cafe, Pizzeria, Restaurant, Vegan, $$$
This little fast food-style cafe serves delicious vegan pies with vegan sausages, pepperoni, steak and hot dogs also proving to be the highlights of the menu. The vibrant interiors and vegan choices make it a go-to place for meatless Mondays. Must try here are the Calzones, the garlic bread sticks and the Mediterranean pizza.
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Happy Hooligans

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This no-frills restaurant is very popular among South Bay vegans. The menu features a mix of Asian, Mexican and American favorites, all given a vegan, comfort food twist. The ambiance is casual, warm and friendly, and don’t leave without trying the jalapeno chicken burgers or the cheesecake.

Chicken burger ©Patrick Quinn-Graham

Chicken burger ©Patrick Quinn-Graham

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Loving Hut

Loving Hut is of the largest chains of vegan restaurants, with multiple outlets in the South Bay area. Each outlet is individually owned so each location is completely original in its decor and ambiance.

Loving hut@ 2855 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95050, +1 408-615-1422

Garden Wok ©helkimchee

Garden Wok ©helkimchee