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TED Talk © urban_data/Flickr
TED Talk © urban_data/Flickr

7 Upcoming TEDTalks To Attend In San Francisco

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Updated: 24 September 2016
TEDTalks have become an iconic source of knowledge and inspiration since the nonprofit’s inception in 1984, as they cover practically every topic imaginable, from science and business to literature and design. Though TED posts its talks online, experiencing a live TED event is beyond compare. Seven such talks will be held in San Francisco this fall and into 2017. So, act fast, get tickets, and don’t miss your chance!

TEDxSanFrancisco: Dare to Know

October 6th 2016 at Herbst Theatre

Titled after a battle cry, ‘Sapere Aude’, used during the Age of Enlightenment, TEDxSanFrancisco’s event will examine the impact of data and new technologies on humankind. Each guest will speak on how technological growth will progress his or her field, and subsequently humankind’s potential ability to alter the world using anything from bits, to atoms, to neurons and genes. Speakers will set forth huge implications for our world’s future as they explain how modern tools will allow us to ‘change our destiny, take evolution into our own hands, and replace the philosophy of need by the philosophy of want.’ Buy tickets here.

Herbst Theatre, 401 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA, USA

TEDxWomen 2016: ‘It’s About Time’

October 26-28th 2016 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

TEDxWomen will be a full-fledged conference, rather than a single event. The three-day conference will be centered on time and attention, including topics such as time zones, time travel, time outs, and time together. A group of all-female speakers will question and challenge conventions established around time in six different sessions, tackling issues such as long-term solutions to climate change, poverty, immigration, violence, inequities, time-saving technologies, and being present. TEDxWomen will not only consist of lectures, however. Music, comedy, tech demos, and other hands-on experiences will be interspersed for guests to experience. TEDxWomen will be an exceptional event, which also explains the necessity for an application process. Check out the procedure online. For those eligible, TEDxWomen is a must see. Apply to attend here.

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 701 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA, USA

Yerba Buena Center © Allan Ferguson/Flickr

Yerba Buena Center © Allan Ferguson/Flickr

TEDxSFState: Designing Your Future

November 7th 2016 at the Cesar Chavez Student Center at SF State University

San Francisco State University will be hosting this independent event, organized by current staff and students. Very few details have been released yet, aside from a brief description outlining the ‘industry leaders, innovators, and makers from San Francisco’ who will be present to ‘ignite new ideas and opportunities for all.’ In the true TEDx style, TEDxSFState will be a locally produced lecture specifically tailored for its community. In our ever-changing world, the speakers will no doubt provide excellent advice and inspiration for a new generation of graduates and academics alike.

Cesar Chavez Student Center, 1650 Holloway Avenue, San Francisco, CA, USA

Cesar Chavez Student Center © Briantrejo/Wikimedia

Cesar Chavez Student Center © Briantrejo/Wikimedia

TEDxYouth@FAIHS: Think Again

February 25th 2017 at the Dennis Gallagher Arts Pavilion

Specifically geared toward younger citizens and also organized by a group of high school students, this TEDxYouth program aims to promote a conversation about ideas relevant to students, and to allow their own voices to be heard. The third annual event will explore preconceived notions regarding concepts, paradoxes, and issues relevant to the Bay Area school faculty and students. Further details haven’t been revealed yet… keep checking back for their finalized speaker list later this fall!

Dennis Gallagher Arts Pavillion, 66 Page Street, San Francisco, CA, USA

TEDxYouth Speaker © Htoo Tay Zar/Wikimedia

TEDxYouth Speaker © Htoo Tay Zar/Wikimedia

TEDxUCDavisSF: Connect

March 5th 2017 at the Marines’ Memorial Theatre

Very little has been disclosed about this event, with its website currently displaying an empty page of guests. However, the title remains intriguing. The speakers of the day will explore everything ‘from waterfalls and right swipes to powerlines and hugs.’ Especially living in an age of technology, connections are ever important to humans, even in terms of accomplishing goals. Thus, ideas and definitions surrounding what it means to connect are significant. Check back often to secure tickets.

Marines’ Memorial Theatre, 609 Sutter Street, Second Level, San Francisco, CA, USA

In addition to the five above events, two additional TEDTalks will be held next year. Aside from being listed on TED’s website, no further information has been given, so keep them on your radar! They are sure to thrill.


April 30th 2017 at Berkeley Campus.

101 Zellerbach Hall, Berkeley, CA, USA


June 14th 2017 at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

SFMOMA, 151 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA, USA