7 Tips For Fun-Loving Visitors Of Newport Beach

Newport Beach, California | © Ken Lund/Flickr
Newport Beach, California | © Ken Lund/Flickr
Photo of Yoselin Godoy
9 February 2017

There’s nothing worse than having some minor issue ruin your trip due to lack of information. So what better way than to be informed to make sure your next Newport Beach trip is one for the books! By following these tips, you not only will be able to better your experience overall but also be able to provide advice to others looking to plan their next trip to this beautiful city!

Newport Beach Pier | © YoTuT/Flickr

Tip #1: How to hack parking

The biggest issue people face when coming to Newport Beach (and quite possibly all other beach cities) is parking. If you’re planning on coming during the weekend, be sure to come prepared with a lot of patience and quarters. Some of the parking meters will take major credit cards, but others will be strictly quarters. It is recommended to park on the streets down Seashore Drive (as it’s a residential area) so that you won’t need quarters, but you’ll only find parking there if you’re lucky enough and come pretty early.

Tip #2: Observe the guidelines

Following the first tip, be aware of where you park because both parking police and regular police are ample. Therefore, make sure to follow all beach regulations which are duly noted on street signs close to the sand. Police will either be patrolling in cars, bikes and sometimes even horses, so be sure to follow the rules and remember to have safe fun!

Tip #3: Know where to shop

If you somehow manage to leave the beautiful beachside portion of Newport Beach, be sure to check out Fashion Island and South Coast Plaza. They are both two of the most beautiful (if not the most beautiful) shopping malls in Orange County. Fashion Island is an outdoor shopping center that provides breathtaking ocean views. South Coast consists of both outdoor and indoor shopping areas, and even though it is not located in the city of Newport Beach, it is a very short drive and will surely be worth it.

Patrick Nouhailler visiting Fashion Island, newport Beach

Tip #4: Talk to a local

Being a newcomer, you might not be familiar with your surroundings, so by all means, feel free to ask one of the people walking down the boardwalk if you do get lost or for food and drink recommendations. The locals here are extremely friendly and willing to lend a helping hand. Also, be sure to check out the beachside bars located near the boardwalk – they’re definitely worth a visit.

Tip #5: Get wet

You shouldn’t feel the need to stay strictly on the sand and should look into different water activities that are offered. In Newport, you’ll be able to rent a speedboat and hang out with your friends and family, go sailing, go paddle boarding, go jet skiing, use a water jetpack or even take surf lessons! You won’t want to miss out on all the cool activities there are to do, so definitely plan ahead.

Paddle Boarding | © RamaRaju Penumatsa/Flickr

Tip #6: Scope the food scene

After you’ve soaked up some sun, whether exploring the different shops, sun tanning, or paddle boarding, you will build up an appetite. Bringing lunch is definitely a possibility as you can enjoy it on the sand, but if you’ve opted out of that and decided to have some Newport cuisine, here are some local favorites. If you’re into poke and seafood, you’ll definitely have to stop by Bear Flag. If you’re one for pizza, you’ll have to check out Laventina’s. If pizza and seafood just aren’t your thing, the best place for sandwiches will have to be Sessions!

Delicious sandwich | Courtesy of Sessions West Coast Deli

Tip #7: Enjoy yourself!

All in all, the best recommendation anyone could give would be just to have fun. Regardless of how your trip begins, progresses, or ends, the best way to ensure you have a great time is to genuinely enjoy yourself and not let any negative occurrence bring you down. Although, it will definitely be hard not to enjoy yourself. With amazing oceanic views, the vast number of water activities, amazing food and drinks, fantastic weather and overall great vibes, you’ll surely be in for a memorable trip!

Sunset over Newport Beach | © YoTuT/Flickr

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