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San Francisco in winter
San Francisco in winter | © Rick Cooper / Flickr
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7 Reasons to Visit San Francisco over Chicago

Picture of Deanna Morgado
Updated: 9 April 2018
San Francisco and Chicago are two very different American cities that both offer one-of-a-kind attractions and opportunities to explore. While these cities are vastly different, San Francisco may have more reasons to visit than its Illinois counterpart. Here are the top reasons to visit San Francisco over Chicago.

Biking possibilities

Hopping on two wheels and pedaling through San Francisco pleases both fitness enthusiasts and nature lovers. Biking through the city means riding over the infamous Golden Gate Bridge, past lakes, through buffalo paddocks, and up and down some of the steepest hills in California. The city’s streets are very bike-intuitive, with multiple bike trails and wider-than-average designated biking lanes. The scenery changes almost as fast as bikers can pedal—one street will be lined with a canopy of trees, while the next block will show off painted alleyways and other urban scenery.

San Francisco
San Francisco |