7 Peaceful Places To Meditate In Los Angeles

Photo Courtesy of Wanderlust
Photo Courtesy of Wanderlust
Photo of Lavinia Lumezanu
27 September 2016

While New York may be the city that never sleeps, Los Angeles is definitely not far behind. Yet in this state of continuous movement and agitation, a few places offer the opportunity to stop, take a minute, and dive into the practice of meditation. The sanctuaries below offer places to practice surrounded by like-minded individuals and teachers.


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The DEN Meditation, Los Angeles
The DEN Meditation, Los Angeles | Photo Courtesy of The DEN
The DEN is a neighborhood meditation center nestled in the middle of one of the world’s busiest cities. From mindfulness to sound baths to women’s circles, the studio offers guided classes for every lifestyle, every day of the week. The expert instructors can help everyone find the practice that works best for their moment, and the comfortable, welcoming space will make meditation something that everyone can do every day.


Yoga Studio
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Goorus Yoga, Los Angeles
Goorus Yoga, Los Angeles | Photo Courtesy of Goorus
Founded by Gretchen and John Lightfoot, Goorus Yoga is primarily a yoga studio. The owners know, however, that yoga without meditation only goes so far, and they decided to offer weekly meditation workshops in this community oasis, providing a safe and welcoming environment to support yoga and meditation practice. The programs are based on the belief that well-being and a deep spiritual connection go hand in hand and they feature a ‘living yoga’ approach to life.

The Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine

Shrine, Memorial, Museum, Shop, Yoga Studio
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The Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine, Los Angeles
The Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine, Los Angeles | Photo Courtesy of Lavinia Lumezanu
The Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine was the meditation place for the renowned Paramahansa Yogananda in 1950. It has since become a spiritual sanctuary for thousands of visitors, as well as the wildlife that populates the ten-acre gardens and temple. The grounds include a Court of Religions (honoring the five principal religions of the world), the Mahatma Gandhi World Peace Memorial (where a portion of Gandhi’s ashes is enshrined), a museum with exhibits on Paramahansa Yogananda’s work, and a gift shop with arts and crafts from India.

Full Circle

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Full Circle, Los Angeles
Full Circle, Los Angeles | Photo Courtesy of Full Circle
Full Circle is a spiritual community center located in the heart of Venice Beach that offers a series of activities to bring together people of all backgrounds at a 111-year-old temple. There are spiritually centered classes, mindfulness workshops, group meditations, music happenings, and art occasions. From empowerment circles that allow men and women to connect with each other in a safe space to movement classes and breath workshops that transmute tension and stress to sound healings and meditations that hone into the higher self, Full Circle provides an innovative approach to inner-growth.


Yoga Studio, Library
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Wanderlust Hollywood, Los Angeles
Wanderlust Hollywood, Los Angeles | Photo Courtesy of Wanderlust
Wanderlust Hollywood is a community dedicated to promoting happiness and wellness. There are a variety of yoga classes, workshops, training, and events. Located at Highland and DeLongpre, the center boasts spacious yoga and meditation studios, locker rooms, a library, and an inviting café, complete with an adjacent outdoor space and garden. An oasis within the hustle and bustle of the city, Wanderlust Hollywood provides a calming space where meditators can focus on being their best selves.

Happy Science Los Angeles

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Happy Science Los Angeles, Pasadena
Happy Science Los Angeles, Pasadena | Photo Courtesy of Happy Science
Happy Science offers Sunday services and meditation workshops at the temple in Pasadena, enabling anyone to get in touch with their higher self and find a better understanding of themselves and of life. The Principles of Happiness taught at Happy Science transcend nations, cultures, and religions and are believed to be the key to resolving religious and spiritual conflicts worldwide. Happy Science aims to empower individuals to discover happiness for themselves and to spread it to their families, communities, countries, and the world.

Art of Living Foundation

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The Art of Living Foundation, West Adams Boulevard
The Art of Living Foundation, West Adams Boulevard | Photo Courtesy of Art of Living Foundation
Just two blocks from USC in a beautiful, classical-style landmark building, the Art of Living Foundation’s Los Angeles Center gives locals and tourists alike the opportunity to find their center right in the historic West Adams District of Los Angeles. The Art of Living’s LA Center offers yoga and mindfulness practices that encourage releasing stress and cultivating a sense of inner peace. The Center offers a variety of Los Angeles community programs, including personal and group instruction in yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques. It features a large meeting hall that accommodates over 1000 people and is used for knowledge programs, lectures, and community events.