The Most Unusual Foods In San Francisco

Photo of Emily Boleware
1 December 2016

San Francisco is famous for the unusual, the unconventional, and the bizarre. This is our guide to culinary instances of this phenomenon and where you can find them.

Sushirrito | © jen


Sushirrito is an Asian fusion establishment featuring eight varieties of enormous sushi burrito options (no customizing allowed). The selections are delicious, if you can wait through a rather long line of hungry customers hankering for the giant hybrid sushi. The rolls are obnoxiously big, incredibly fresh, and absolutely worth the wait. The Geisha’s Kiss is a fan favorite, filled to bursting with fresh-caught Yellowfin Tuna, Piquillo Peppers, Tamago, Yuzu Tobiko, Lotus Chips, Namasu Cucumber, Butter Lettuce, Avocado, and Sesame White Soya. Sushirrito closes early (3PM at FIDI Transamerica, 4PM at the SoMa location), so plan to get there in the morning or midday.

Frozen Kuhsterd

Frozen Kuhsterd, operating since 2011, is a Bay Area dessert venture that uses all local and organic ingredients in its creative and unique frozen custard treats. Frozen Kuhsterd uses its frozen custard as a simple base to explore wild, unique, and interesting flavors. A favorite is the insane Maple Bacon Donut Ice Cream Sandwich, which is filled with Four Barrel espresso custard, topped with apple chunks cooked in bacon fat, and glazed with burnt caramel sauce. FK operates out of a food truck (you can track the truck on the website), and has plans to open a storefront location soon, at 18th and Mission.

Hot Sauce | © Tom Harpel

Hot Sauce And Panko

Customers crowd the doorways and sidewalks outside of this tiny Outer Richmond hot wings spot. Hot Sauce and Panko offers to-go service only, but customers clamour for an order number to chow down on its delicious hot wings, paired with one of dozens of hot sauces from a huge wall of options behind the counter. Place your order for a selection of delicious, hand-coated wings, and choose your own bottle of hot sauce to take home with you. Some of the more interesting flavors are the caramelized fish sauce-lime-chilies wings, the pesto avocado crema, and the bourbon molasses. The refreshingly frank business plan is no-frills-come-and-get-your-wings-and-get-out. ‘We are not a pretty restaurant. The fact is, we are not a restaurant at all and not interested in you paying for pretty. No sit down, no dine-in and waiter service.’

Oz Pizza

If you’re in search of an odd and different pizza experience, Oz Pizza’s Hopper the Humper is topped with kangaroo meat, red beets, arugula, goat cheese, garlic, and fennel bulb with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. This menu option, while titled in a rather darkly humorous way, is certainly unique. Oz also offers La Coste, a creole alligator meat pizza. Oz is located on San Francisco’s Castro Street and boasts produce that supports local growers and organic and environmentally friendly farming (although obviously some of the more exotic meats have to be shipped).

Chicken Tikki Masala | © Kelly Sue

Golden Gate Indian Cuisine & Pizza

A rather brilliant food-fusion venture has resulted in Golden Gate Indian Cuisine & Pizza’s creation of the Chicken Tikki Masala Indian Pizza. If your mind isn’t already blown by the genius of this, then it will be when you realize that you can also order regular Tikki Masala to then dip your pizza in like naan. So simple, yet so complex and heavenly. And Golden Gate delivers!

Wax Worm | © Rasbak

Don Bugito

Don Bugito is a street food venture, self-labeled a ‘Prehispanic Snackeria,’ that specializes in edible insects, which are a delicacy in myriad cultures worldwide. Don Bugito entices customers with creepy, crawly, and tasty treats, with a mission to use sustainable and ecological foods to promote a healthier world. Consuming insects is a potential solution to global food scarcity (as cheap, low-waste, homegrown protein), and Don Bugito is capitalizing on the fact that with culinary skill, insects can also be quite delicious. Don Bugito’s delicacies include Wax Moth Larvae Tacos and Toffee Mealworm Ice-Cream.

Cotton Candy | © Poppy Thomas-Hill


Straw, a carnival-inspired ‘whimsical eatery’ in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley, serves all of your favorite delicious carnival treats and comfort food. ‘Step right up’ to try a procession of weird, mouth-watering foods, including Straw’s Fried Pickles, Lamb Cupcakes, Cauliflower Popcorn, and The Ringmaster: Straw’s Famous Donut Burger.

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