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The Most Extreme Adventures Around Los Angeles
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The Most Extreme Adventures Around Los Angeles

Picture of Karen Queller
Updated: 9 February 2017
This guide is perfect for those who prefer physically-intense outings. So for all you adrenaline junkies out there, we have compiled seven ways of getting your adventure groove on in Los Angeles.
Idyllwild Mountain Bike Trails © moominsean/flickr
Idyllwild Mountain Bike Trails | © moominsean/flickr

Mountain Biking

A great but frequently-overlooked trip spot is Idyllwild. Just a couple hours away from L.A., this little wooded town is perfect for outdoor adventures of all kinds. In particular, it has an abundance of trails for mountain biking galore. If you prefer to stay in the city you can also find plenty of trails all centrally located. Backbone Trail is a gem for both novices and fanatics who want to ride with killer ocean views.


With all the driving in L.A, it’s easy to forget the joy you can have while you drive. Spend a day remembering what it’s like to feel the wind in your hair, carefree as a newly-licensed teenager. Pack the car, gather the family and head to Palm Springs for the day for some off-roading fun through the desert sand dunes.

Paddle Boarding Photo © Eli Carrico
Paddle Boarding Photo | © Eli Carrico

Paddle Boarding

Growing in popularity, you can now see many people gracefully gliding across the ocean alongside surfers paddling out to catch the waves. For those who like getting wet, grab a board, head to a mellow spot along the Pacific Coast Highway, and get your paddle on. Doesn’t sound extreme enough? Commit to a paddle boarding team and join a race.

Stuntman Photo © Scott Swigart
Stuntman Photo | © Scott Swigart

Stuntman Training

Stuntman training has to be the ultimate L.A. extreme experience. Where else can you go to learn how to fall out of a window, or safely set yourself on fire? Stuntman training is open to beginners and can set you on the path to becoming the next Bruce Lee. Check out Stunt University.

Fire Groove Photo © Yelp Inc.
Fire Groove Photo | © Yelp Inc.

Circus Training

Were you one of those kids that always day dreamed about running away and joining the circus? L.A is a hub for extravagant performers, aerialists, fire dancers, hoop dancers, stilt walkers and sword eaters alike. For all you extremers that have always wanted to play with fire, now is your chance. There are many private studios that offer classes in any cirque specialty of your choice. Fire Groove off of Melrose is a good place to start.

Point Dume Photo © Karen Queller
Point Dume Photo | © Karen Queller

Rock Climbing

What better place to climb than Point Dume in Malibu? This dramatic cliff leaves climbers dangling on the edge while taking in breathtaking views of the idyllic Malibu Coastline. Pretend you are looking for a foot hole, and take the extra minute to literally hang out.

Acro Yoga Photo © Salamon888
Acro Yoga Photo | © Salamon888

Acro Yoga

How can a yoga fanatic take it to the next level? How about trying to master all those graceful poses while hoisted up in the air on someone else’s feet? Acro Yoga puts a fun little twist on this well-known sport. Saturday mornings are a great time to grab a partner and join all the other yogis out there on the Original Muscle Beach next to the Santa Monica Pier. Not so flexible? Don’t worry, you can walk on a slack line or swing from hoops, instead.