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Unique Asian Dessert Shops In South Bay Area, San Francisco
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Unique Asian Dessert Shops In South Bay Area, San Francisco

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Updated: 9 February 2017
San Francisco might be known for its culinary delights, but the South Bay definitely gives the city a run for its money when it comes to dessert, specifically Asian desserts. Read on for some unique, delicious Asian dessert shops worth saving room for if you are dining out in South Bay.
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SnoZen Shaved Snow & Desserts

A Taiwanese dessert that quickly gained popularity around Asia before coming to the States, shaved snow hits the sweet spot between icy and creamy. At SnoZen, you can choose from a wide variety of snow flavors and toppings or select pre-designed combinations of the two. They also boast a rotating selection of limited edition flavors such as Thai Tea, Black Sesame, and Original Sweet Milk.

SnoZen Shaved Snow & Desserts, 3005 Silver Creek Rd #170, San Jose, CA, USA, +1 408 809 4367

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Cafe LaTTea

Cafe LaTTea boasts a great variety of coffee and tea drinks, but the honey toast concoctions are really what catch your attention. Essentially, honey toast is just bread toasted with butter and drizzled with honey. Sounds simple and yummy enough but add on toppings like ice cream, fruit, red bean, and chocolate syrup (just to name a few) and you have dessert on a whole other level. The toast is cut into bite-sized pieces and served inside a ‘bread box’ topped with ice cream, fruits, and whipped cream. Honey is also given on the side for drizzling or dipping. The toast is a perfectly warm balance of inner softness and outer crunch, made even better when paired with the other toppings.

Cafe LaTTEea, 19501 Stevens Creek Blvd Ste 101, Cupertino, CA, USA, +1 408 255 2393

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Soyful Desserts

In addition to the more standard milk tea drinks, Soyful Desserts is unique in their offering of tofu pudding desserts. Tofu pudding, or dou hua (豆花) in Chinese, is silken tofu traditionally served with sweet ginger syrup. However, Soyful Desserts takes a more modern spin on tofu pudding and offers a wide variety of toppings to go with it, such as red bean, pandan jelly, and basil seeds. Be aware that there is a $10 minimum for debit and credit charges, so make sure to bring some cash with you when you visit.

Soyful Desserts, 999 Story Rd Ste 9048-B, San Jose, CA, USA, +1 408 216 9026

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The main specialty of Cocohodo is the walnut pastry, or hodogwaja (호두과자) in Korean, which are little cakes shaped like walnuts stuffed with red bean and walnut pieces. Paired with one of their various coffee or tea drinks that they offer, it makes for the perfect afternoon snack or post-dinner dessert. In addition to walnut pastries, the store also has a variety of shaved ice desserts and ice cream for anyone looking for more options.

Cocohodo, 1082 E El Camino Real Ste 6, Sunnyvale, CA, USA, +1 408 247 8877

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BAMBU Desserts & Drinks

This chain store features traditional Vietnamese dessert drinks that come in a dizzying array of topping combinations. Some of the most common ingredients include red bean, pandan jelly, coconut milk, taro, grass jelly, and pearls to name a few. Make sure to grab a spoon to eat it as the abundance of toppings can make it rather difficult to slurp up, despite it being in a tall plastic cup. For those wanting something less filling and more thirst quenching, BAMBU also has a good selection of milk teas, smoothies, and coffee drinks.

BAMBU Desserts & Drinks, 1688 Hostetter Rd Ste D, San Jose, CA, USA, +1 408 392 8238