Insider Facts About Living in San Francisco

Photo of Kaitlin Sansenbach
9 February 2017

When you embark on the journey to one of the most popular west coast cities, you will get caught up in the idea and allure of San Francisco. There’s a reason the city is considered the melting pot of Northern California. We check out four things that only locals and insider’s know about living in San Francisco, furnishing you with all the tools you need to become one of the cool kids.

Tres Tacos | © Evan Cordes/Flickrcommons

San Francisco Rules the Roost with ‘Farm to Fork’ Fare

If you aren’t familiar with a ‘farm to fork’ restaurant based lifestyle, get ready for a sensation. San Francisco is full of cutting edge, top of the range ‘farm to table‘ produce that is lovingly prepared in high-quality restaurants by some of the greatest chefs in the world.

Cityscape | © Chronus/Wikicommons

Everything is Instagrammable

If you have never lived in a metropolitan area, brace yourself, there are a lot of gorgeous, picture-perfect sites. That being said, please be cognizant of where you are before you morph into your paparazzi-like persona.

Bart escalator | © jereme rauckman/Flickrcommons

Stand to the Right

If you are not in a rush or don’t have the stamina to run up the escalator, whether it be in Bart or the streets, please stand to the right. If you don’t, you will inevitably hear the grunts of annoyed locals or feel the wheels of bikes hitting your head urging you to get out of the way.

Get Familiar with Public Transport Routes

If you aren’t familiar with public transportation, look up routes beforehand. If you don’t, you will be trapped inside a sardine stuffed spot asking everyone in sight what’s going on. Use google maps and download the app, Rover, for safe and enjoyable trekking through the city.

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