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The Top Health Trends That Scream L.A.
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The Top Health Trends That Scream L.A.

Picture of Sarah Fehrenbach
Updated: 30 November 2016
Scattered across Los Angeles are talented and unique locals who are always ready to showcase the latest trend. Their dedication to living their lives to the fullest goes hand-in-hand with their careful attention to physical maintenance. It is this same commitment that puts L.A. on the map as a destination for these top health trends.


The overwhelming to-do list that this society has written shows no sign of ending. Work meetings and family gatherings, celebrations and errands to run. These sometimes meaningful and sometimes tedious tasks can be depleting. Los Angeles has faced this prevalent issue head-on with the art of balance. Studios, gyms, social media and more have made the ability to collect your thoughts and appreciate all that you have accessible through yoga and/or meditation. You can’t go far in L.A. without seeing a yoga mat slung over someone’s shoulder or a serene individual, sitting on the grass, with their eyes closed to the chaos around them.

Workout Gear

Bright synthetics have been dazzling the otherwise dull concrete jungle of L.A. Fashion and fitness have become well acquainted in recent trends worn by L.A. inhabitants. Business casual and casual, fitness and comfort; wherever you are, it is not uncommon to see Alo goddess leggings or a Lululemon emblem gleam on a passerby. Fashion designers have given what the people want, and that is fitness gear with a variety of colors and flattering silhouettes that can be worn in multiple venues.

Intensity Training

L.A.’s reputation for dedication to fitness is the reason their workouts are so effective. Within the last year, workout routines have evolved from the hour-long regime to short bursts of intensity. The once tried-and-tested method of putting in your 60 minutes of exercise is hardly feasible with the increase in busy schedules. The beautiful thing about this type of workout is the wide variety of fitness options. From studios to outdoor activities, high intensity workouts go beyond the cookie-cutter regime.

Bone Broth

Unlike the rise and fall of fad diets, bone broth is here to stay. This well-known product has seen its 15 minutes of fame and then some. This hot commodity guarantees gut and skin health. Celebrities and athletes are raving. It’s no wonder that L.A.’s food-conscious inhabitants are clamoring for this. This drink or soup, depending on your preference, is one food choice you will not want to skimp on. Join the bone broth craze and experience the benefit of improved health all around.

Sugar Isn’t Sweet Anymore

The 1990s introduced awareness on the health risks of trans fat. The 2000s brought to light the negative results of consuming simple carbohydrates. The best discovery so far is finally here. Sugar, a deadly ingredient in practically every processed food out there, has been scientifically proven to cause multiple medical issues. L.A. inhabitants have not shied away from screaming this knowledge from the rooftops. Sugar fasts and social media platforms, as well as combing through nutrition facts with a fine tooth comb are some of the ways they are raising awareness.