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Top L.A. Fitness Crazes To Spice Up Your Workout
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Top L.A. Fitness Crazes To Spice Up Your Workout

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Updated: 20 December 2016
Summer may be halfway over, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to let your fitness goals slip away. While it’s more challenging to stay active when the months get cooler, these five fitness classes provide unique routines that will keep your energy high and the workout fun. Here, find your perfect exercise fix for a post-summer workout in Los Angeles.
GROOV3 dancing on the roof
GROOV3 dancing on the roof


There are so many different types of fitness classes out there that sometimes it can be hard to find the right one that leaves you feeling good. GROOV3 is the type of class that will keep you wanting to go back every week. The one-hour cardio funk class was founded by choreographer/dancer, Ben Allen. After having years of dancing experience, he decided to expand the positive effects dancing had on him and share it with others. GROOV3 introduces global dance classes for all levels. It’s great for those who want to learn how to dance, used to dance, or just want to have fun while getting a great cardio workout as the DJs spin. The certified instructors follow Ben’s mission in bringing communities of people together through dance. It’s unlike any workout that’s out there because the different dance routines target every part of the body, and the instructors do a great job in making the classes feel more like a dance party than a workout. There’s even a summer rooftop dance series in Hollywood that includes different themes, such as Havana Nights, and I Love ‘90s. With an array of classes to choose from, it’s obvious that Ben Allen continually finds ways to keep his workout fresh. When it comes to GROOV3, there’s always a guarantee of having fun while shedding off those pounds.

High intensity interval training at SpeedX
High intensity interval training at SpeedX


The best way to lose weight is through dedication, but sometimes it can be hard to commit to a workout, especially if it becomes boring and redundant. The special thing about taking a class at SpeedX is the variation it offers by focusing on high intensity interval training. The class structure is set up so there is no repetition and the trainers focus on building endurance, speed, cardio and flexibility. The interval training helps prevent the body from getting used to the same routine and targets new areas that aren’t necessarily worked out as often. Each session is an hour of intense muscle building and cardio training. It is perfect for the person looking to hit all problem areas and boost their metabolism. Without fail, the trainers teach their students about technique, and like to create a new format for each class, always keeping a strong emphasis on cardio. It’s a class made for all different levels and will prove effective far quicker than the typical gym routine.

Box 'N Burn signature class
Box ‘N Burn signature class

Box ‘N Burn

Olympic Bronze medalist Tony Jeffries teamed up with Kevan Watson to open up Box ‘N Burn, which is now one of the most talked about boxing gyms in LA. Their first location in Santa Monica grew to be so popular, that they opened up a second location in Brentwood. The Box ‘N Burn class is their signature one hour class that has anywhere between four to seven teachers on hand to give one-on-one training, teaching proper technique. Since the class is split into three smaller groups, this allows the trainers to focus on each student. Tony and his team continually try to improve and make adjustments. They even added a new feature to the Brentwood location where everyone is given a heart rate monitor to track calories lost and heart rate while working out. In addition, you’ll find monitors hanging around the gym in order to check the status. If you want to take it up a notch, join the Box ‘N Fit circuit-style boxing class, focusing on strength and weight loss. The circuit training includes drills with three trainers also on hand. Box ‘N Burn is sure to burn away all of those summer calories in no time at all.

Orangetheory - One of 250 locations
Orangetheory – One of 250 locations


Orangetheory is the fastest growing studio, with 250 locations across six countries and 250 more studios in development. It’s the kind of class that not only helps you lose weight, but also educates you about your body. The instructors at Orangetheory specialize in personalized group training, giving each student their own 50 square ft. of space, so that no one has to share equipment. The 60-minute interval class is broken up into two groups, spending 30 minutes on cardio and 30 minutes on full body strength and training. At the start of the class, students are given a heart monitor that tracks each individual’s workout session. By tracking themselves, students can see their heart rate as they switch from the treadmill, to indoor rowing to weight room training blocks. The training system is based on five-zone intervals that help students create Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), which is the point where calories are being burned even after the workout is over. The classes are designed to help students understand how and why they are losing weight. Whether you’re a beginner, or you regularly work out, Orangetheory provides the information and guidance that leads to weight loss in the most efficient way possible. The best part about Orangetheory is they actually want to make the process of signing up as easy as possible by having no initiation fees or contracts, which means no more excuses!

Training Mate

Luke Milton brought Training Mate all the way from Sydney, Australia. With his training in professional rugby, he realized that some of the best workout results come when working out with friends. From there, he created a 45-minute high-intensity class that is divided into four timed stations. The class is designed so that up to three people can compete with each other and have some competitive fun. Don’t get too used to the routine, though, because each class changes so students can target different areas of the body. The athletic and professional trainers are there to create a highly intensive training program that not only focuses on cardio but resistance training as well. The positive energy and encouragement from the trainers are sure to inspire students into working harder at testing their speed and endurance with a little Australian flair.