5 Fashion Bloggers Who Epitomize LA’s Silverlake Style

Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles.
Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. | ©Ron Reiring
Photo of Kayleigh Roberts
9 April 2018

Silverlake is the Brooklyn of Los Angeles and its own brand of eclectic LA style is only cemented by its fashionable locals. The east side neighborhood, which includes not only Silverlake, but also Los Feliz, Echo Park, and Eagle Rock, is a haven for sun-loving hipsters. The LA take on hipster chic involves a healthy infusion of bohemian flair. Here are five local fashion bloggers who epitomize Silverlake style.

Grasie Mercedes

Grasie Mercedes is an actress, writer, and lifestyle blogger. She’s originally from New York City but moved to LA to pursue acting. The Dominican beauty’s full name is Grecia Maria Mercedes-Garcia, but she’s gone by Grasie since she was a kid. Her laidback style is a fresh take on LA hipster fashion—she effortlessly pairs vintage-inspired finds with modern pieces. She also knows how to dress up a mall-store find like no one else.

This sweater is everything a relaxed-but-still-ambitious Angeleno needs.

Taye Hansberry

Taye Hansberry does it all: she’s a blogger, actress, fashion expert, photographer, and host who was born and raised in Los Angeles—so is it any wonder she absolutely epitomizes SoCal style?

“I find inspo in everything around me,” Hansberry told The Culture Trip of her style inspirations. “I love people watching, old fashion photography, books and magazines, fellow bloggers, and of course Instagram.

“I’m from LA so the laidback nature of LA style is my fave,” she explained. “And because of our weather we can be super-laidback most of the year.”

Courtney Halverson

Courtney Halverson is a blogger and actress based in Los Angeles. She loves vintage clothing, thrifting, mimosas, and brunch. Her knack for layering and making neutrals pop would make her stand out among the most chic of Silverlake’s fashionistas.

“I find [my style inspiration] from a number of places, but my main source is other bloggers and stylish ladies on Instagram,” she told Culture Trip.

“Often when I am scrolling through my feed I’ll see a new account or a new brand that I’ve never heard of before—and I often fall into a black hole of digging deeper until I end up on either someone’s blog or an online shop. I’ve been able to find some of my favorite pieces this way, and often by smaller independent designers, which is always my preference.”

Like most of Silverlake’s (and LA’s) most fashionable ladies, she loves a good vintage find.

“I love the amount of vintage clothing in the average LA woman’s wardrobe,” she said. “I have access to some of the best vintage shops and incredible flea markets right in my own backyard, so it’s easy to find not only unique, but totally affordable ways to update my wardrobe.”

Kelsey White

Kelsey White is the genius behind Something Beachy, but her style isn’t just west side-ready. White was born in Santa Monica and has made a name for herself blending “breezy fashion and Southern California culture.” Her boho-chic style would be just as at home in Silverlake as it is on Venice Beach.

Just out here in Venice with bed head 🦁

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White graduated with a B.A. in Fashion Marketing, and has a strong background in social media, public relations, and modeling, which made fashion blogging an obvious career path. She told The Culture Trip that she finds her style inspo from fashion editorials and on Pinterest.

Searching for sunshine

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She loves how “laidback and versatile” LA fashion is—and it shows in her Instagram and blog.

Racquel Natasha

Racquel Natasha’s self-titled fashion blog is the kind of place any style-lover could spend hours scrolling through. She loves to travel and takes her LA-inspired fashion with her around the world.

“I am constantly inspired by fashion abroad, the places I travel, and style icons [as well] as fellow bloggers like myself!” she told The Culture Trip of her style inspiration.

Shorts with long sleeves is a classic Silverlake look, as pictured below.

When asked what her favorite thing about LA fashion is, Racquel said, “[It’s] the easy, breezy, laidback lifestyle that constantly inspires casual-chic attire.”