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5 Best Rockabilly Bands in San Francisco
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5 Best Rockabilly Bands in San Francisco

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Updated: 11 December 2015
Like music with deep soul and hard rockin’ blues you can take the whole family to? Then rockabilly is the musical genre for you, offering a different take on the traditional rock formula. Check out The Culture Trip’s top 5 favorite San Francisco rockabilly bands.
Maurice Tani & Jean Courtney |© sf.funcheap
Maurice Tani & Jean Courtney | © sf.funcheap

Maurice Tani & 77 El Deora

The hallmarks of a really good band are more than just how well they play, though 77 El Deora with Maurice Tani are more than talented enough to deliver the rock goods to their audience. The ability to incorporate a variey of instruments, as well as the inclusion of over 27 talented individuals, sets 77 El Deora apart as they work to create something different and new. At a friend’s house, a crowded bar, or just rolling down Highway 80 with a leaden foot powering your car past a buck, their music is enough to please any fan of good rock.

Ghost Town Hangmen

Raw. Striking. Brutal. How many bands can produce something incredibly fresh, but retain what makes the genre authentic? With an emphasis on bass complementing searing guitar beats, Ghost Town Hangmen may not proclaim themselves officially rockabilly, but there are enough elements in their punk- and jazz-influenced sound to warrant some affiliation. Their sound is definitely recommended for those looking for something harder on the rock temperature.

Group promo shot |© Ghost Town Hangmen
Group promo shot | © Ghost Town Hangmen

Pine Box Boys

With a nice country twang, The Pine Box Boys‘ strength lies in the storytelling narratives that guide their music on a linear path. The slow, steady burn of a folk-like tune creeps by second after second, forcing the listener to pay attention to important lyrics. If you’re planning on taking it easy after a long day of work, you can’t go wrong with this San Francisco based group that puts an alternative spin on an old genre.

Mitch Polzak and The Royal Deuces

A soft, homegrown feeling twists and turns the soul while listening to Mitch Polzak and The Royal Deuces. Relying more on a bluegrass sound, with vocals complementing the steady twang of the lead guitar, their sound harkens back to an era when country and rock were joined at the hip rather than separated by chasms of sub-genres. A perfect band to check out with some co-workers or friends.

Mitch Polzak |© Mitch Polzak
Mitch Polzak | © Mitch Polzak

Whiskey Pills Fiasco

A band flexible enough to combine old time strumming with a hard beat, Whiskey Pills Fiasco is something like an audio chill pill. The band slips relaxation into a retro sound, turning it up with a fury of smooth licks to complement the vocals. Holler out a request the next time they pop into a bar in the city!

By Jesse Burns

An eternal student now in his junior year at SF State University, Jesse is currently majoring in creative writing alongside many fine classmates who are all very brilliant poets to boot. You can find him underneath a bar somewhere in the East Bay, drinking with the worms and swapping stories.