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The Best Boozy Desserts And Where to Find Them In San Francisco
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The Best Boozy Desserts And Where to Find Them In San Francisco

Picture of Ellen Frank-Delgado
Updated: 22 November 2016
San Francisco foodies know where the best ice cream and the best bars are, but where are the best boozy desserts in the city for that extra pop of indulgence? Find out with this guide to our favorite boozy desserts in the glittering city by the bay.
Assortment of Truffles © David Leggett/Flickr
Assortment of Truffles | © David Leggett/Flickrcommons

Sixth Course

Sixth Course is a local confection company that understands SF’s need for boozy desserts such as handmade truffles, mousse cakes, tarts, and frozen novelties. Given that co-founders Gianina Serrano and Bridget Labus both have experiences in fine-dining, it is unsurprising that each and every chocolate is so delicious. For this reason, we highly recommend purchasing their Wine & Spirits Sampler. This way, you won’t miss out on any of their best boozy chocolates, such as Raspberry Cosmopolitan, Champagne Fizz, Bailey’s & Cream, Amaretto, Whiskey Neat, or Grand Marnier chocolates.

Bluestem Brassiere

Bluestem Brassiere has crafted the most intriguing of boozy desserts on this list. In fact, their Double Mint Boozy Malt may seem pretty ordinary at first glance with its combination of vanilla bean & wintermint malt with malt balls. However, this malt also has brûléed marshmallow and candy cane crumble. Basically, Bluestem Brasserie has combined everyone’s favourite childhood flavours into one fantastic, indulgent dessert. Be sure to try this alcoholic concoction on Bluestem Brassiere’s rooftop the next time Karl the Fog is on vacation.

The Ice Cream Bar © DavityDave/Flickr
The Ice Cream Bar | © DavityDave/Flickrcommons

The Ice Cream Bar

Listed under the category Remedies on their menu, The Ice Cream Bar offers customers boozy fountain drinks. Favorites include the Px Pie (Anderson Valley Fall Hornin’ Pumpkin Ale, crème fraîche ice cream, and Toro Albala Don PX 2010 sherry), as well as the San Francisco Honey (San Francisco Mead Co. Apple Pie mead, milk chocolate ice cream, and crème fraîche ice cream). All ice cream is made in house daily with local and organic eggs, milk, cream, and cane sugar. Stop by this 1930s style soda fountain counter for your next after work happy hour.

Pliny the Half Pint © Ellen Frank-Delgado
Pliny the Half Pint | © Ellen Frank-Delgado

Dear Mom

Dear Mom’s chocolate pecan pie not only adds ice cream into the mix, but also a rum sauce that is to die for. Unfortunately, unlike many of the items on their menu, this boozy dessert cannot be made vegan. Even so, all non-vegans out there need not forget to order a slice of this pie (or the whole pie?) the next time they’re in the Mission District. As an added bonus, this upscale bar also offers pool and video games.

Sift Dessert Bar

The Cupcake Wars winners and boozy dessert masterminds at Sift Dessert Bar has done it again. First, they shocked San Franciscans with their Stud Muffin, featuring brown sugar Lagunitas beer cake with salted caramel frosting and cayenne-dusted bacon. Now, Sift Dessert Bar has paired with neighbors Russian River Brewing Company to produce Pliny the Half Pint. This truly delicious Pliny-soaked brown butter cake alternates Pliny mousse and a spiced orange glaze, but it is only available from Friday, June 17th (beginning at 3PM) till Saturday, June 20th, 2015. While Sift will not be selling Pliny the Elder beer, be sure to bring your dads to either the SF or Santa Rosa location for Pliny the Half Pint, cupcakes, macarons, ice cream sammies, cruffles, lil’ pies, or frosting shots.