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A Guide To The Best Wild West-Inspired Venues In L.A.

A Guide To The Best Wild West-Inspired Venues In L.A.

Picture of Karen Queller
Updated: 9 February 2017
What do you know of L.A’s Wild West History? Before it became known as the City of Angels where dreams come true, it was a dry land filled with ruthless robbers and displaced natives. Well, friends, it is time to revisit the past, bust out those chaps, put on some spurs, and go yeehawing into the dusty, old west of Los Angeles.
Paramount Ranch
Paramount Ranch photo by Lorit Queller

Paramount Ranch

Take a stroll through a place and time when cowboys rode their horses through the streets and saloon doors went a-swingin’. Open to the public is Paramount Ranch, a deserted, western-style park once used for major film sets like The Maid of Salem and The Cisco Kid. Enjoy the day running around this wooden set playing Cowboys and Indians, or keep walking up the trails into the hills and enjoy the amazing view of the Santa Monica mountains.


Leonis Adobe

Up for a field trip? Head west to Calabasas, located in the hills of the San Fernando Valley, for a fun and informative day learning about California’s history. There, you will find the Leonis Adobe. Built in 1848 this house is one of the oldest standing houses in Los Angeles. Bring a group and take a guided tour or just meander through the tiny doorways at your leisure. Grab your lunchbox and head next door to the Calabasas Creek Park, where history continues as you get a feel for the Chumash Indian way of life.


Autry Museum

The Autry Museum is a MUST on your Wild West quest. It is a whole museum devoted to different aspects of this period, with exhibits like western art, western frontier facts, pueblo pottery, and much, much more. The Autry also hosts a plethora of events like lectures, workshops, plays, concerts, films, and festivals, all western inspired.


The Cowboy Palace Saloon

Just as the name implies, this is every cowboy’s ideal watering hole. Getting to this joint is a bit of a trek, but don’t worry, you can ride your horse over and tie them up to the hitch post while you quench your thirst. Show up any day of the week to learn the Electric Slide, Cotton-Eyed Joe, Two-Step, Ten-Step, Swing, and the Waltz. These guys pride themselves on being the most authentic country bar in town and having the most authentic smell of horse pucky …whatever that is. Cozy on up with the regulars and let your inner cowboy or cowgirl shine. Just don’t let your rhinestones shine or they’ll send you out to the barn.