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Sara Schaer
Sara Schaer | © Sara Schaer
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Here Are the Women Impacting San Francisco's Tech Scene

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Updated: 28 March 2018
It’s important to take the time to recognize all the women who are using their knowledge to help bring our world into the future, especially the women in male-dominated industries such as S.T.E.M.—the industry of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Three women are pushing boundaries and making their mark in San Francisco’s illustrious tech industry. A relative boy’s club, San Francisco is leading the world with its tech empire. In 2018, Cathryn Posey, Kamilah Taylor, and Sara Schaer are the “sheroes” disrupting the industry. These women use their brilliance, innovation, and boundary-breaking voices to develop powerful technology, surpassing the modern day marginalization of gender, color, and background.

Cathryn Posey

Cathryn Posey is both a collaborator and entrepreneur in technology and leadership. Posey’s expertise lies in building up those around her to create the best product outcome possible. Her impressive resume boasts a growing contribution to the tech industry all over the county. Posey served in Washington D.C. as head of strategic partnerships with the White House tech startup, United States Digital Service (USDS), which provides consultation on information technology to federal agencies. She is currently Capital One’s Senior Director of Technology of Emerging Tech in San Francisco. In 2011, Posey co-founded Tech By Superwomen—a brand seeking to open powerful dialogue for and between women in the technology industry. It’s a testament to what drives, inspires, and challenges women at work.

The conversation expands further at Posey’s Tech Superwomen Summit, a conference first held in 2015 where men and women in STEM gathered for two days to explore the culture of technology relationship and listen to admirable guest speakers on data, programming, and diversity in STEM. The second Tech Superwomen Summit takes place in San Francisco May 3 and 4, 2018, where Posey herself will speak, followed by a notable lineup of other industry leaders, most of whom are women. Posey’s growing presence in tech and leadership makes her a woman to watch in 2018—her ongoing contribution to creating a space for gender and color diversity in STEM is exceeding not only San Francisco’s industry standards but nation-wide standards, too.

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Kamilah Taylor

Another leading lady in STEM is engineer Kamilah Taylor, whose particular strife and mission is to close the gender gap in the tech industry. Her specialty is developing iOS applications to solve problems and contribute tools for the world’s professionals. During her five and a half years as a senior software engineer at LinkedIn’s San Francisco headquarters, Taylor was responsible for multiple features, including a lead in rewriting LinkedIn’s main iPhone application, eventually pulling her attention to STEM’s needed improvements in other areas. Taylor was the founding advisor for the Tech Beach Retreat in Jamaica—a retreat held amongst the shores of Jamaica for tech creatives and innovators to converse and brainstorm new ideas.

In a book she co-authored, Women in Tech: Take Your Career to the Next Level with Practical Advice and Inspiring Stories, Taylor uses her chapter to establish an open narrative of how women—namely women of color—can succeed in an industry dominated by cis white men. Taylor also attended the Tech by Superwomen Summit in 2015 and will speak at the 2018 conference in May. Among her everyday contribution to technology, Taylor is in the middle of developing a solution to reduce the ongoing polarization and toxicity in the digital world online. Her hope is that through this project, online discourse will regain credibility and open the doors for new leaders to pioneer in whatever industry they hail from.

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Sara Schaer

Sara Schaer made her mark in the tech world as CEO and founder of the children’s rideshare app, Kango. She is also one of the original founders of Snapfish—a photo-sharing company that Schaer helped grow from a small business to a global tech brand.

Her current project, Kango, allows parents to arrange both scheduled and on-demand pickups for kids as well as childcare. With a recently established groundbreaking partnership with Fiat Chrysler Automotive—the first of its kind—Kango is among the safest rideshare apps for children. Motivated to inspire changes in STEM, Schaer pursued an outlet with the potential to pave the future of women in her industry and young women aspiring to succeed in their own right.

In line with this, Schaer contributes her time to Technovation, an international competition that invites young aspiring STEM girls from all over the world to learn about technology and help their own communities to grow. With an array of learned skills, these young women can successfully identify problems faced in their own towns and combat them with solutions using technology and creating apps. Schaer uses her experience in tech to mentor the Technovation girls in the San Francisco Bay Area, showing them how to hone their skills to develop technological impacts for their community. She possesses the drive needed to bring these ladies up to the same opportunities and calibers as their male counterparts in STEM.

Sara Schaer | © Sara Schaer