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21 Things Only An Angeleno Would Do
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21 Things Only An Angeleno Would Do

Picture of Evan Moffitt
Updated: 9 February 2017
Year-round sunshine, the freshest produce, snowy mountains and sandy beaches a short drive a way… It’s no surprise the rest of the world is ‘California Dreamin”. We live in one of the greatest places on Earth, full of cultural and culinary options (and not a few crazy drivers). But Los Angeles can also be a strange place, full of paradoxical people, unusual tastes, and quirky habits. Here are 21 things only an Angeleno could – or would – do.

1. Go skiing and surfing in a single day.

2. Be a seat-filler at an awards show.

3. Picnic at the Getty Center.

4. Go on an all-kale diet.

5. Take a selfie with a celebrity.

6. Spend an hour looking for parking.

7. Cancel all plans and stay inside, just because it’s raining.

8. Buy a cupcake from an ATM machine.

9. Watch a classic film next to Rudolph Valentino and Douglas Fairbanks’ graves at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

10. Not own an umbrella, and when it rains, leave the one you just bought at a bar.

11. Order takeaway Zankou chicken.

12. Have an existential crisis on the 405.

13. Go for morning jogs, but never walk anywhere.

14. Eat late-night Mexican food from a drive-thru.

15. Drive down Sunset Boulevard from downtown to the beach late at night when there’s no traffic, taking in the sights.

16. Ride a roller coaster over the ocean.

17. Hold a Disneyland season pass.

18. Get an Ice Blended brainfreeze.

19. Go on a juice cleanse.

Runyon Canyon | © ClatieK/Flickr
Runyon Canyon | © ClatieK/Flickr

20. Watch the sun rise over Runyon Canyon.

21. Smile and sip your beachside bottomless mimosa while your friends in NYC and SF complain about how much they hate L.A. Remember, they’re just jealous—when it’s this beautiful all the time, who can be a hater?

By Evan Moffitt, The Culture Trip’s LA Director of Culture. Catch us on our Twitter and Instagram.