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12 Ways To Enjoy Mount Tamalpais State Park
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12 Ways To Enjoy Mount Tamalpais State Park

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Mount Tamalpais — or Mt. Tam — is a much-loved recreation spot located right outside of San Francisco. Heading North on the Golden Gate Bridge and continuing on to the Panoramic Highway will take you to the beautiful Mount Tamalpais State Park in about an hour. At 2,574 feet, the summit of Mt. Tam is the highest peak in Marin County and can be seen from spots all over the Bay Area. Keep reading for some of the best things to see and do on this awesome natural wonder.

Paraglide from Mt. Tam’s Peaks

For one of the most exciting ways to see Mt. Tam, try paragliding for some high-flying fun. Lessons and advice can be found at Bay Area Paragliding schools, such as FlyZephyr, and at Airtime of San Francisco.

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Run the Walt Stack Double Dipsea race

The Double Dipsea, a challenging trail race that is filled with hills and stairs, was designed by Dolphin South End Runners founder Walt Stack. Runners begin at Stinson Beach and traverse 13.7 miles of scenic trails through the Mt. Tam State Park.

Read a Book about Mt. Tam

If you’re looking for a more relaxing way to experience this area, get your hands on Harold Gilliam’s essay ‘A Mount for All Seasons’ in his book The San Francisco Experience, or Jack Kerouac’s Dharma Bums. Both these texts depict the splendor of Mt. Tam and will encourage you to take a trip up the mountain.

Take a Hike

With miles and miles of scenic trails sprawled across the Mt. Tam State Park, you’ll never be in search of a good trail for long. Don’t know where to start? Check out Friends of Mt. Tam’s hiking guide.

Pitch a Tent at One of Its Great Campsites

From the popular Pantoll Campground to coastal sites at Steep Ravine Cabins and Campground, Mt. Tam’s campgrounds are sure to sweep you off your feet. Head over to HipCamp to pick a campground and book your stay!

Watch the Sunrise from the Top of Mt. Tam

Considered one of the Bay’s top bucket list items, watching a sunrise from the top of Mt. Tam is a must for any Bay Area visitor. Although you’ll have to wake up around 5:30-6am in order to catch the first morning glow, it is well worth leaving the comfort of your bed (or tent).

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