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© Los Angeles/Wikipedia
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Things You'll Find In A Typical Los Angeles Apartment

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Updated: 14 October 2016
When the world thinks of Los Angeles, they think of young, successful adults bathing in a California sun that shines down onto streets lined with palm trees and trendy apartments, which house an ever-happy population of beautiful people. Of course, this image is only halfway accurate. So in case you’ve ever romanticized living in L.A., here’s a list of 10 classic things you can actually find in (and around) a typical L.A. apartment.

A caricature property manager

Whether your property manager is a jolly middle-aged man who found his glory days in the 80s playing high school football or a caring woman who still wears a flower in her hair from the 60s, you’re guaranteed a fun character to submit all your maintenance requests to.

Really great rooftop views

L.A. is crowded. Crowded cities mean tall buildings. Tall buildings mean climbing to the rooftop for a glass of wine and a good view.

© Heidi De Vries/Flickr

A soundtrack that includes the occasional helicopter search

The first time you experience a helicopter hovering outside your window is undoubtedly frightening. But soon, young grasshopper, it will be the comforting sound of home.

A taco stand within a two-block radius

Some are good, some are great, and some are heavenly. But every taco stand has its regulars that flock from the nearby apartment building.

Overpriced laundromat

Basically, if you can find an apartment with an in-unit washer and dryer, you’ve been blessed by an angel sent straight from heaven. Otherwise, start collecting quarters wherever you can find them because nothing is more L.A. than forever being two quarters short of a load of laundry.

Random days with a film crew shooting on-location

Everybody’s an artist and everybody’s a star in Los Angeles, and you’ll get to hold your breath in hopes of being “discovered” every time you walk by their set, which also happens to be your apartment.

Cool fire escapes

Can’t find the right lighting for your otherwise flawless Instagram photo? Thank goodness you have a cool fire escape, complete with natural lighting and the ultimate guarantee of looking like a typical L.A. hipster. (Note: Also often handy for getting to the cool rooftop views.)

The faint smell of marijuana when you walk down the hallway

In all fairness, much of California smells like this. For an unlimited time only, play the game of “whose apartment is that coming from?”

Interesting neighbors

You can count on at least one old guy with crazy hair (most likely an inventor), one aspiring model with a California jawline, and at least a handful of fun young artists who smoke cigarettes and change their hair color biweekly. Undoubtedly though, they are all friendly and all essential to the apartment family, so say hi when you walk by.


The best thing about L.A. is its culture, and crucial to any culture is its history. Whether you live in a fancy new building that tells of the new age of gentrification, or a vintage building that was once home to all of the jazz age greats, every building has a story worth learning. Know your home and love your home.

Beware: the one thing many L.A. apartments don’t have is air conditioning, and you can bet your first month’s rent that you’ll need it come summertime.

Air Conditioner
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