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10 Reasons To Visit The Los Angeles County Fair
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10 Reasons To Visit The Los Angeles County Fair

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Updated: 10 January 2017
Every September Los Angeles brings two things: heat waves and the Los Angeles County Fair. The LA County Fair has been opening its doors to guests since the 1920s and continues to provide family fun. It has everything from the weirdest fried food to elegant art show displays. If you’re not ready to give up the summer fun just yet, head over to the Fairplex in Pomona for the LA County Fair.
The Blooming Onion
The Blooming Onion | © Justine Law

The Food

County fairs are known for their crazy, inventive food and the LA County Fair does not disappoint. All the standards are available including burgers, pizza, and ice cream but if you’re feeling adventurous, try something unique. The blooming onion is a tasty and larger alternative to fries. The newest wacky yet delicious creations are fried guacamole and sweet and salty bacon cotton candy. For the 21 and over crowd, whiskey and beer are on tap but coconut water is a healthier, hydrating beverage available fresh out of the coconut.


Returning for its final run at the Los Angeles County Fair, Luminasia displays the amazing lanterns of Chinese artists. These aren’t the typical Chinese lanterns, however. These huge, handcrafted lanterns range from giant animals to recreations of famous monuments from around the world. The displays include Big Ben, the Chinese Zodiac animals, the Griffith Observatory, and much more. This incredible night display towers over guests through an illuminating trail, a must-see at the fair.

The Vendors
The Vendors | © Justine Law


Along with the outdoor fun, each of the halls at the County Fair are filled with something different. One of the biggest attractions is the indoor shopping hall filled with vendors of all sorts. For the shoppers looking for unique products, smaller vendors provide an array of beautiful handcrafted goods. Everything from all-natural cosmetics to handmade glass sculptures occupy hundreds of booths. Come ready to shop for some one of a kind items and support local artists.

Mardi Gras Exhibit
Mardi Gras Exhibit | © Justine Law


The exhibits of the LA County Fair celebrate art and culture from across the country. The Flower and Garden Pavilion houses a Mardi Gras experience that transports you to a magical, glittery New Orleans. The amazing costumes and floral displays capture the essence of Mardi Gras and celebrate its cultural importance. The Popnology exhibit takes audiences back through time, remembering historic events in pop culture and technology. Guests can explore interactive demos and even mingle with R2D2.

Live Performers
Live Performers | © Justine Law

Live Performances

Scattered throughout the fair are quirky live performers of all kinds. A traveling band runs through the Fairplex, literally on a moving truck, belting out cover songs to onlookers. Stilt walkers and marching bands waddle through the crowds greeting kids and keeping spirits high through the heat. Near the Pirate Adventure area, catch The Street Drum Corps who put on an awesome show using buckets, tins, and cymbals. Live performances can be seen almost anywhere at the fair, even among the wandering crowds.

Art Competitions
Art Competitions | © Justine Law

The Art

As a huge supporter of local artists, the LA County Fair hosts art shows and competitions. The photography area displays pictures of those who entered and placed in the photo competition. Hand crafted costumes are also created by local artists for themed competitions and exhibited in glass cases. Of course, the LA County Fair also keeps the traditional baking competition alive with its best in show cookies and cakes. Arts and crafts lessons are also available throughout the day for both children and adults who want to go home with a masterpiece of their own.

Remix II
Remix II | © Justine Law

The Rides

The LA County Fair rides have really transformed since the 1920s into a thrilling adventure that rivals big name theme parks. Besides the classic Ferris wheel, rides include Insanity, Crazy Coaster, and Sky Flyer, all heart pounding thrill rides for the adventurous. Family-friendly coasters are also available for the younger crowd along with mazes and haunted houses for the brave. Three all new rides have also been added to the mix so there’s no way to miss the fun.

Kids Area
Kids Area | © Justine Law

Activities for Kids

Despite the height limits and age requirements for some rides, the LA County Fair provides family fun for kids of all ages. Younger kids have their own version of haunted houses (minus the haunted part) to run around and play all day. There is a separate kids area in a less crowded part of the fair for some quieter fun. There are also live performers, shows, and art classes just for the little ones who might need a break from all the sugar.

The Midway
The Midway | © Justine Law

The Games

The Midway area is carnival fun for all ages. The game selection includes the usual water gun, racing, and dart games for prizes. Each game takes a couple tickets to play which can be purchases at a ticket booth. Despite the familiar games, the awesome prizes include updated pop culture items like doughnuts, giant pillow pets, and characters from Adventure Time. The Midway is great for a family outing or a classic date with a significant other.

Live Music
Live Music | © Justine Law

Live Music

For music lovers, the LA County Fair is a great place to catch live acts. The End of the Summer Concert Series features big artists like Train, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Outlaws, Kool and the Gang, The Beach Boys, Patti LeBelle, and many more. If you can’t make the Summer Concert Series, catch DJ Gizmologist for some nightclub dancing or The Steam Punkers free at the Grinding Gears along with other great performers.