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Top 10 Places to Enjoy Iftar In The Bay Area, San Francisco
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Top 10 Places to Enjoy Iftar In The Bay Area, San Francisco

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Updated: 6 October 2016
Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar that celebrates the revelation of the Quran. Muslims fast by abstaining from food and drink from dawn until sunset. At sunset, the fast is broken with a meal called Iftar, followed by the evening prayer. After the long days of fasting, here are some great halal restaurants in the Bay to enjoy an Iftar meal.
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Ike’s Place

Ike’s Place, with multiple locations in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area, is the perfect place to pick up an Iftar treat for those who are on the go. They offer halal chicken in many of their signature sandwiches and are a great alternative to any typical sandwich stop.

Ike’s Place, 3489 16th Street San Francisco CA, USA
 +1 (415) 553‑6888

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De Afghanan

De Afghanan brings authentic flavors of Afghanistan to the Bay Area. As the most well known Afghan restaurant in Fremont, the delicious traditional kabobs are renowned throughout California. The homey atmosphere that De Afghanan offers is a space that is very family friendly and welcoming, especially during Ramadan.

De Afghanan, 37395 Fremont Boulevard, Fremont, CA, USA +1 (510) 857-1009

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Arabian Nights

With an ambiance matching its name, Arabian Nights offers an array of Mediterranean food. They are a partially halal restaurant, but offer various vegetarian options as well, so make sure to check with your waiter about what is halal on their menu.

Arabian Nights, 2345 Mission Street. San Francisco, CA, USA +1 (415)-648-1444

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Maykadeh is the perfect place if you are looking for an elegant and authentic Persian meal. Located hillside in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco, Maykadeh offers a luxurious yet homey dining experience with rich flavored kabobs and other traditional Persian dishes.

Maykadeh, 470 Green St, San Francisco, CA, USA +1 (415) 362-8286

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Burma Superstar

Originally located in San Francisco, Burma Superstar has expanded to two more locations in the Bay Area and has become a popular stop for many visitors and locals. With authentic and unique flavors from Burma, Burma Superstar has become an iconic spot in the city. Keep in mind that they do not take reservations, so make sure to get there early to get a table.

Burma Superstar, 309 Clement St. San Francisco, CA, USA +1 (415) 387-2147

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What the Cluck

As simple and classic as fried chicken is, it can be hard to find good halal fried chicken. Located at the Newpark Mall in Newark, What the Cluck offers a variety of your favorite fried food as a perfect casual and quick meal after a day of shopping.

What the Cluck, 2083 Newpark Mall, Newark, CA, USA +1 (510) 938-2778

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This hole in the wall restaurant in the UC Berkeley neighborhood brings the special food of the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, to the Bay Area. Jayakarta’s main goal is to bring traditional street food that you can really find in Jakarta, and often draws Indonesians living in California. The restaurant takes pride in their food and in their experience in bringing the most authentic Indonesian dishes no matter how small of a restaurant it is.

Jayakarta, 2026 University Ave. Berkeley, CA, USA +1 (510) 841-0884

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A La Turca

Turkish food consists of a Mediterranean and Middle Eastern mixed influence. A La Turca brings those distinct dishes to San Francisco and has an array of different kabob dishes and sandwiches, along with other traditional styles of Turkish food. Don’t forget to top off your delicious meal with some classic Turkish coffee and sweet baklava.

A La Turca, 869 Geary St, San Francisco, CA, USA +1 (415) 345-1011

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Pakistani and Indian food are popular go to spots for Bay Area natives and Bismillah offers a combination of South Asian dishes, ranging from kabobs to curries. Bismillah is a great place to get a group together and order family style, especially during Ramadan. There are a number of Pakistani and Indian restaurants to discover in the Bay Area, but Bismillah will satisfy those tandoori cravings.

Bismillah, 37415 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA, USA +1 (510) 713-1907

Wang’s Kitchen

Halal Chinese restaurants are difficult to find, and are far from common. Wang’s Kitchen in Milpitas takes a slight twist on typical Chinese food and is considered to serve Indian Chinese Cuisine. With a fusion of flavors, Wang’s brings a unique style of Chinese dishes with a mix of Indian spices and seasonings.

Wang’s Kitchen, Milpitas Square, 438 Barber Ln, Milpitas, CA, USA, +1 (408) 433-9626