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10 First-World Problems Angelenos Know Too Well

10 First-World Problems Angelenos Know Too Well

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Updated: 9 February 2017
We cannot deny the salient signs that we, Angelenos, are spoiled in every possible way. From the sunny weather, the beautiful palm trees, vibrant diverse communities and beautiful beaches, Los Angeles is indeed a hotspot to live in. That being said, we still have our complaints, few and far between though they might be.


Not knowing where you parked and parking tickets

Almost every Angeleno has a car and uses it to go everywhere. With huge parking structures, no wonder sometimes we can’t even remember where we parked. With about seven million registered vehicles in the city, L.A. is a treasure trove of sitting ducks for parking enforcers AKA the bane of our existence. Don’t get us started on the contradictory parking signage that leaves us scratching our blessed heads.

Having to choose between going to the gym or hiking

For the fitness junkie, finding a hiking trail nearby is a cinch in any part of town, from Griffith Park to Malibu Creek. But then again, you can find all the fitness classes the city has to offer, from cardio-barre to Twerkout to Crossfit, and not to mention tons of gyms all over the place. Hiking vs. twerking is a fair toss up, but let’s get down to the real question: which makes for better selfies?

Wondering if it’s gluten free

You give celiac’s a bad name because you’re not sensitive to gluten, but you just feel it doesn’t agree with your body. You have a little anxiety about whether to ask your waiter about the secret menu, but you probably will because you stand behind your dietary choices, fad or not.

Gluten Free Cake | ©miss_yasmina/Flickr

Gluten Free Cake | © miss_yasmina/Flickr

The barista got your name wrong

Whether you’re in Starbucks or your local coffee shop, caffeine addicts get this all the time. You also probably stumbled upon someone ranting on social media that their barista got their name wrong. One day everyone will know your name, though, so it’s cool.

Wondering if there’s a seat warmer in the car

We are so spoiled with the warm and sunny weather – Angelenos are chill but not when it’s chilly. When it’s below 60, we bust out the winter coats and driving skills revert back to your learner’s permit days when the first drop of rain hits the pavement. Help.

Wondering if it’s organic

You saw Food Inc. and everything at Whole Foods just looks better. That’s what really matters.

You’d go to the beach, but there’s way too much traffic

It could be 10 miles or less from where you are, but braving the 405, the 10, or the 101 is sometimes too hefty a price to pay to catch waves. You’re always glad if you go, but getting there will take you an entire episode of This American Life and we don’t all have that kind of time.

Your Uber driver is taking forever

Uber is a blessing from heaven, saving Angelenos from designated driverdom and inconvenient public transportation. Although most of the time you’re singing your driver’s praises or telling them your deepest secrets, there are inevitably moments when no drivers want to pick you up, surcharges go up like crazy, and you’ll forget what was so great about Uber anyway.

Wondering what to eat today

Los Angeles is a hub for the best cuisines from all over the world. From authentic Mexican street tacos to Korean barbecue, artisan burgers or Thai food open into the wee hours, sorting through so many great options can be exhausting.

Being too busy to date/work out/go out

If you are a true Angeleno you are probably going to school, working full time (or working two jobs), or building your own empire. Some of us make miracles and fit more than 24 hours into a day, but make sure to make time for self-care. Safeguard your healthy ritual, manage your time by prioritizing the important stuff first and make time for fun.