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10 Clever Business Names In San Francisco
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10 Clever Business Names In San Francisco

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Updated: 20 December 2016
Anyone coming from the suburbs to the city will notice that San Francisco’s got some eccentric elements, and local business names are no different. With so many restaurants, cafés and bars per square foot, it’s a smart strategy to have a catchy store name, because let’s face it, basic just ain’t gonna cut it in the 7×7. We give you ten of the most wacky and wonderful business names in the Bay.
Heartbaker's bambolonis | ©Heartbaker
Heartbaker’s bambolonis | © Heartbaker
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Please don’t break my achy-breaky- (made of cake and pastry) heart. But if you must, at least get me a dozen of those decadent Nutella Bambolonis.

Heartbaker, 1408 Clement St, San Francisco, CA, USA

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The Sausage Factory

You may be thinking what’s so clever about this? It’s much more amusing when you realize this Italian restaurant is named thus as it is located in Castro, San Francisco’s most fabulous gay neighborhood.

The Sausage Factory, 67 Castro St, San Francisco, CA, USA

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Holy Water

Holy Water: The bar where Jesus turned water into wine.

Holy Water, 309 Cortland Ave San Francisco, CA, USA

The Burger | ©Bacon Bacon SF
The Burger | © Bacon Bacon SF
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Bacon Bacon

Bacon Bacon – the emphasis on the beloved breakfast item basically guarantees a good experience.

Bacon Bacon. 205 A Frederick St, San Francisco, CA, USA

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Beer 39

Beer 39: A cute play on where this place is located, Pier 39.

Beer 39. Pier 39 San Francisco, CA, USA

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Cafe Bun Mi

Cafe Bun Mi: spelled Banh Mi in Vietnamese, this restaurant helps non-Vietnamese speakers pronounce that tricky term.

Cafe Bun Mi, 417 Clement St, San Francisco, CA, USA

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Every 6 Weeks

With a salon called ‘Every 6 Weeks‘, you legitimately have no excuse when it comes to forgetting to get your hair cut.

Every 6 Weeks, 491 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA, USA

Another Cafe's storefront | ©Another Cafe
Another Cafe’s storefront | © Another Cafe
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Another Café

Another Café: this cafe is just being honest in the most humbled, nonchalant type of way.

Another Cafe, 1991 Pine St San Francisco, CA, USA

Hand Job's storefront | ©SarahNguyen
Hand Job’s storefront | © Sarah Nguyen

Hand Job Spa

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Hand Job Spa

Hand Job: this is certainly not as it first appears. This is a respectable nail salon/spa for the best manicure around -another head turner from the Castro area.

Hand Job Spa, 565 Castro St, San Francisco, CA, USA

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800 Larkin

800 Larkin – this name is extremely subtle in its formulation of impact. When you’ve had an awesome night out, how often can you remember the exact club you were in? With a name this simple, you’ll never forget where to come for a top night.

800 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA, USA