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A centipede in dim light or Halloween at Yerevan | © Chaojoker / WikiCommons
A centipede in dim light or Halloween at Yerevan | © Chaojoker / WikiCommons
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Your Ultimate Halloween Horror Movie Revealed Here

Picture of India Irving
Social Media Editor
Updated: 12 October 2017
Are you a blood and guts type of horror fan who loves to watch a crazy killer on the loose, or do you prefer the psychological thrills of occult spirits and twisted technology creepily ruining people’s lives? Do you absolutely hate scary movies with a passion, but want to get into the Halloween mood with something that doesn’t make you scream? Or have you seen all the recent horror hits and want to check out an oldie but a goodie?

Luckily, this scary movie flowchart is all you need to find out which classic Halloween movie suits your horror style best.

© Ling Tang / Culture Trip

Whether you want a slasher film or a heart-racing thriller, a realistic setting or a supernatural one, or even a movie with specific characters like demonic children possessed by the devil, this chart has got you covered.

From horror movie king Alfred Hitchcock’s psychological horror classic Psycho, to this year’s terrifying horror flick It, directed by Argentinian scary movie guru Andy Muschietti, you can easily enjoy your own Halloween scare fest that is personally catered to your own terror tolerance.

Happy haunting!