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 Sawtooth Cabin | Courtesy of PlansMatter
Sawtooth Cabin | Courtesy of PlansMatter
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You Can Now Stay in These Dream Designer Homes Hidden Across the World

Picture of India Irving
Social Media Editor
Updated: 24 October 2017
Are you obsessed with architecture? If you dream in Frank Lloyd Wright and wax lyrical over Tom Gehry and Zaha Hadid then consider your next vacation already booked. It’s going to be serious #goals.

Thanks to Minneapolis-based vacation rental company, design buffs around the globe finally have a chance to stay in some of the most impressive modernist homes in the world, giving them a chance to enjoy a truly special holiday and experience world-class architectural gems from Patagonia to Canada.

Villa Vals | Courtesy of PlansMatter
Villa Vals | © and Courtesy of PlansMatter

PlansMatter co-founders Connie Lindor and Scott Muellner met in architecture school and bonded over an intense love for all things design. After struggling to find a place to stay that met their standards for modernism while booking a vacation together, their platform was born.

Tierra, Patagonia | Courtesy of PlansMatter
Tierra, Patagonia | © and Courtesy of PlansMatter

Connie explains, ‘The goal of PlansMatter is to make finding and experiencing architecturally significant vacation rentals simple and convenient.’

Whitetail | Courtesy of PlansMatter
Whitetail | © and Courtesy of PlansMatter

The properties on the site, which include homes and hotels, are personally curated by Connie and Scott before being vetted again by the company’s board, which includes advisors Julie Snow of Snow Kreilech Architects and Andrew Blauvelt, the director of the Cranbrook Art Museum.

Zumthor Vacation Homes | Courtesy of PlansMatter
Zumthor Vacation Homes | © and Courtesy of PlansMatter

Oftentimes, Scott takes the images of the properties himself and all listings on the site include plans, architectural drawings and conceptual process sketches, so guests can really delve into the history and story behind where they are staying.

Sawtooth Cabin | Courtesy of PlansMatter
Sawtooth Cabin | Courtesy of PlansMatter

Interviews with hosts and architects are also offered when possible to further share the secrets of these magical environments.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Kinney House | Courtesy of PlansMatter
Frank Lloyd Wright’s Kinney House | © and Courtesy of PlansMatter

And for PlansMatter, the only way is up! Connie explains that the company’s ‘long-term vision is to have every architecturally significant property available for rent globally listed on PlansMatter, and to develop a worldwide community of design travelers who love architecture and want to know the story behind their stay.’

Remonta Hotel, Patagonia | Courtesy of PlansMatter
Remonta Hotel, Patagonia | © and Courtesy of PlansMatter

Well, get ready design world, it looks like dreams do come true.