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© Juancat / Shutterstock
© Juancat / Shutterstock
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Why Everyone's Going Crazy Over This Magical Waterfall in the Grand Canyon

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 7 March 2017
A hidden treasure in America is giving travellers serious wanderlust…

Deep in the Grand Canyon you’ll find the Havasupai Falls…

© Colin D. Young / Shutterstock

Part of an American Indian Confederacy, Havasupai means ‘people of the blue-green water’ – a pretty apt description when you see the lustrous, natural water colour…

© Juancat / Shutterstock

Related to the Yuman, the Havasupai have from the beginning inhabited the Grand Canyon and its environs.

© Brendan van Son / Shutterstock

While it’s beautiful, the place isn’t easy to get to: think a 10-mile hike and no civilization whatsoever…

© Lucky-photographer / Shutterstock

Once you see the falls however, you’ll see it was totally worth the hike to see the main attraction, Havasu Falls.

© RHEYWOOD456 / Shutterstock

The falls consist of one massive main chute that drops over a 90-foot vertical cliff into a series of beautiful cliff pools.

© Lucky-photographer / Shutterstock

Its Instagram-worthy vivid blue-green waters are the result of calcium carbonates and form the natural travertine dams that occur in various places near the falls.

© ronnybas / Shutterstock

Best part is, you can swim and take a dip in this mini paradise yourself!

© natureguy20 / Shutterstock

Don’t believe how beautiful this place is? Check out the awesome video below!