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Fool's gold loaf by Helen Graves
Fool's gold loaf by Helen Graves
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We Made Elvis Presley's Favorite Sandwich In Honor Of The King

Picture of Andrew Webb
Food & Drink Editor
Updated: 29 December 2016
It was 39 years ago today that ‘Elvis left the building’. So to celebrate the life of music’s most iconic of stars we made a Fool’s Gold sandwich. But what’s the connection with The King? Read on to find out.

Elvis was a larger than life artist with a reputed larger than life appetite. How he came to be connected with the loaf is down to The Life and Cuisine of Elvis Presley, by David Adler.

According to Adler’s book, just over a year before he died Elvis was in Graceland, Memphis, TN entertaining Captain Jerry Kennedy of the Denver, Colorado Police, and Ron Pietrafeso of Colorado’s Strike Force Against Crime. The two men began talking about the loaf, which they knew from back home in Denver. The loaf was invented by the Colorado Mining Company Restaurant in the city, and the two officers were friends with the owners.

On hearing about it, Elvis decided he wanted to try it there and then, so they drove to Memphis airport and boarded Presley’s private jet for the two hour flight to Denver’s Stapleton International Airport. There they were met by the restaurant owners who had brought with them 30 (that’s right thirty!) freshly prepared loaves. They were invited aboard and joined Elvis, the police offices and the air crew, in eating the loaves and drinking water or champagne.

And 18 months later, the King was dead. Here’s one of the last appearances before he died.

Fool’s gold loaf by Helen Graves.