We Have Officially Reached Peak Doughnut and These Photos Prove It

A doughnut breakfast butty | © Catrin Austin / Flickr
A doughnut breakfast butty | © Catrin Austin / Flickr
Photo of Kathryn Maier
Nyc Food & Drink Editor3 August 2017

Did the world need Everything Bagel doughnuts? No, it probably did not. But they’re here now.

This is the summer of the doughnut. Put to use in traditional sweet or adventurous savory applications, dressed up or down, highbrow or low, doughnuts are everywhere—surrounding your burger, iced in cutesy designs, replacing your morning bagel. In NYC, they’re absolutely inescapable; with all the new doughnuttery openings in the past year or so, doughnut shops are now nearly as ubiquitous as delis.

Here, in absolutely no particular order, are some of the craziest doughnut-based treats we’ve seen so far this summer. Note that several of these are/were limited edition treats and may not be available any longer.

Doughnut burgers

Okay, this particular food combination—with glazed doughnuts taking the place of hamburger buns—has been around for a while, but we’re seeing a resurgence of places offering it. This example is from Buns Bar in NYC, using doughnuts from Dough.


Elegant rose-shaped doughnuts, from NYC’s O.G. doughnut shop, Doughnut Plant.

Doughflowers in bloom! Available now at all of our NYC shops. #doughnutplant

A post shared by Doughnut Plant (@doughnutplant) on

Poutine-topped doughnuts

That’s right, they’re Tim Hortons doughnuts topped with what’s practically Canada’s national dish. Dear Canada: Never change.

Doughnut French toast

IHOP, of all places, just launched this breakfast mash-up treat earlier this week.

Yep, we combined French Toast + Donuts!

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Glow-in-the-dark doughnuts

Leave it to the Aussies to create a doughnut topped with icing that somehow glows in the dark. It sounds improbable, but Black Star Pastry has done exactly that.

Tried our newest creation yet? The GLOWNUT – glow in the dark doughnuts. Only at our @vividsydney pop-up in Martin Place.

A post shared by B L A C K STAR P A S T R Y (@blackstarpastry) on

Doughnut ice cream sandwiches

B Sweet, in Los Angeles, has the right idea for enjoying summer.

Animal doughnuts

We want to cuddle and/or adopt these doughnuts, because they’re simply too cute to eat.

Doughnuts from a Modernist Cuisine master

Wylie Dufresne, one of the chefs who led the molecular gastronomy movement, has closed his avant-garde restaurants and turned his attention to doughnuts, opening Du’s Donuts earlier this year.

#donutlife 📸: @oliviabakes

A post shared by Du’s Donuts (@dus_donuts) on

Doughnut fried chicken sandwiches

Fried food plus fried food equals deliciousness, at least according to Chicago’s Do-Rite Donuts.

Sunday brunch vibe. #donutchickensandwich #sweetheat

A post shared by Do Rite Donuts (@doritedonuts) on

Negroni-flavored doughnuts

We actually got to sample these doughnuts, created by Doughnut Project to kick off Negroni Week. The bitter-flavored Campari icing was a little strange, to be honest…but we still ate two of them. Okay, three.

Welcome to #negroniweek

A post shared by Kathryn Maier (@katdrinkscocktails) on

Everything-bagel doughnuts

It’s a doughnut…that’s covered in bagel seeds and spices. A few different doughnut shops in NYC and DC are offering these breakfast-food mash-ups, each with a slightly different twist. NYC’s Doughnut Project anchors the savory everything-bagel toppings to the fried dough with a cream cheese-flavored glaze. District Doughnut, of D.C., is filled with a fluffy cream cheese mixture, while Virginia-based B. Doughnuts, with a stall in D.C.’s Union Market, flavors theirs with a choice of bacon, chives, or lox.

HOME of the everything bagel doughnuts – don’t knock it til’ you’ve tried it #eater 📸: @_chriscruz

A post shared by B. Doughnut • Est. 2015 (@b_doughnut) on

Bourbon, maple, and tabasco-glazed doughnut chicken sandwich

We’re not even sure what to make of this collab between Doughnut Project and Root & Bone, tbh.

Pride doughnuts

Not satisfied with just the now-ubiquitous rainbow thing, these doughnuts from Doughnut Plant invoke the pink triangle, too.

Extremely patriotic doughnuts

Again from our friends at Doughnut Plant.

Happy 4th of July! Our NYC shops are open today. #independenceday #starspangled

A post shared by Doughnut Plant (@doughnutplant) on

Precious metal-encrusted, premium alcohol-filled doughnuts

Frankly, we can’t even believe that gold and platinum leaf-covered doughnuts are a thing. Manila Social Club offers these luxurious bites only occasionally—typically on faux food holidays like “doughnut day” or the recent “tequila day.”

And then there are the doughnuts illustrating every single trend of the year.

Unicorn doughnuts

🦄 🦄 🦄 🦄 🦄 #unicorndonuts

A post shared by The Original Spudnuts Donuts (@spudnutsdonuts) on

Galaxy doughnuts

Galaxy 🌌 doughnuts 🖤💙

A post shared by Christina | Confectionary Art (@christinascupcakes) on

Mermaid doughnuts

Sweet! 🏖

A post shared by The Original Spudnuts Donuts (@spudnutsdonuts) on

Flower-adorned doughnuts

Just some doughnuts we thought were really cute

They’re adorable, okay?

MIAMI VIBE 🌴 #flamingos #palmtrees #palmleaf

A post shared by The Original Spudnuts Donuts (@spudnutsdonuts) on

Our personal favorite doughnuts

Just a shoutout, while we’re talking doughnuts, to our favorite doughnut shop, Dough, which we love so very, very much. Feed us a passionfruit or hibiscus-glazed doughnut and you’ll be our best friend forever.

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