Travel Bloggers Share Their 2018 Travel Predictions

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Updated: 22 December 2017
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What will be the next big destination of 2018? What travel trends will change the way we see the world? Culture Trip asked some of today’s top travel bloggers to predict the future of travel in 2018.

Next year’s popular destination will be…

“I think in 2018, Greenland will begin emerging as the next bucket list travel destination. Anyone who has been to Iceland in the past couple of years has noticed growing congestion on the roads and at popular attractions due to the tourism explosion there. Greenland offers many of the same sights (glaciers, waterfalls, remote hiking trails, small villages with unique culture), but with much more solitude and a greater feeling of being off the beaten path.” —Scott Shetler, Quirky Travel Guy

Estonia is going to be the next hot travel destination in 2018. Estonia is still a place that isn’t overrun with tourists, but the word is starting to quickly get out. The country has a rich history, stunning medieval architecture, and castles that make you feel as though you are in a Grimms’ fairy tale. A mixture of European, Scandinavian, and Russian influence make for a unique and interesting culture throughout the country.” —Valerie Wilson, Trusted Travel Girl

“I think Tbilisi, Georgia can soon become a major tourist destination, because there are more and more flights connecting Western Europe to Tbilisi. The food is amazing, the locals are friendly, and the city is well developed. The place has a fascinating history, with a Soviet influence. It reminds me of Prague or Budapest 10 years ago. I believe the city will gradually become a major tourist destination.” —Barbara Wagner, Jet-Settera

How travel will change in 2018…

“I think heath and wellness retreats and holidays will be huge for 2018. Last year they were slowly increasing; it feels like people no longer find lying on a beach during their annual two-week holiday leave satisfying. They want more from their time away. With fitness becoming more accessible, and less scary and intimidating, people want to go somewhere beautiful and come back feeling revitalized with topped up health and wellness.” —Sophie Saint, Saints on a Plane

“I predict that more people will visit “dangerous” countries in 2018. These countries such as Morocco, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, and more have been deemed “dangerous” by the media in the past. However, moving forward, I predict a shift in the public’s trust in the media and feel that individuals will start to form opinions of destinations on their own.” —Jacklyn Shields, Get Lost with Jackie

Travelers in Japan

Travel trends to keep an eye on in 2018…

“As so many beautiful destinations are turning towards eco-friendly ways of living, one of the top travel trends in 2018 will be sustainable travel.” —Anete Ilmete, The Travel Leaf

“I think in 2018, more travel businesses using the sharing economy model will pop up and it’s gonna become THE way to travel for millennials.” —Nellie Huang, Wild Junket

“I feel like the trend will go more and more towards authentic local travel experiences. Whether that is something like Airbnb experiences, going to someone’s home instead of a restaurant, or just connecting with locals and really seeing something very authentic about a country. It is not new, but I have seen it steadily increasing this past year. I think it is a wonderful trend, as the online world really makes it possible to bring locals and travelers together.” —Annika Ziehen, Midnight Blue Elephant

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