This Company Wants to Send You Around the World Tracing Your Ancestry

Trace your ancestry DNA
Trace your ancestry DNA
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Wellness Editor26 July 2017

Millions of years ago your distant ancestors evolved in East Africa. Where they migrated after that was (possibly) an epic, cross-continental journey that eventually led to you reading this, right now, from your little pocket of the globe. Now, 23andMe—a health and ancestry DNA testing service that can reveal your global genetic makeup—wants to take you on an all-expenses paid trip around the world to retrace their steps.

Here’s how the science works: You post a swab of your cheek cells to 23andMe and, after their team of experts analyze it, they send you a breakdown of your ancestral DNA. Even if you know where the last several generations of your family are from, new and unexpected insights are virtually guaranteed. Not only will you see how your genes equate to different world regions in terms of percentage, but you’ll also find out how many generations ago each population came into your family tree.

Ancestry DNA results and itinerary from 23andMe

Order the Ancestry DNA kit from 23andMe before August 3rd 2017 and you’ll be entered into a sweepstakes to win a round-the-world trip with an itinerary based on your global genetic make up. Twenty-three winners will be selected at random over 23 consecutive days, and each will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to trace their ancestral lineage from country to country, experiencing the cultures that comprise their roots.

23andMe is also known for their DNA health tests, which highlight diseases and ailments you might be genetically pre-disposed to. Knowing your inherited biological weaknesses, although scary, can help inspire lifestyle changes that preempt those weaknesses from ever manifesting as illness.

The cost of these tests ($99 for ancestry, $199 for health and ancestry) is a small price to pay for the potentially life-altering opportunity to get to know yourself on a cellular level.

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