Top Reasons Why Travelling in a Group Will Save You Money

When you're visiting major sights such as the pyramids at Teotihuacan, in Mexico, the group option is often cheaper
When you're visiting major sights such as the pyramids at Teotihuacan, in Mexico, the group option is often cheaper | © Benedek / Getty Images
Photo of Callum Davies
6 September 2021

Backpacking alone is the most budget-friendly way to travel, right? Wrong. Here we’ll debunk this myth and help you discover why group trips are becoming the thriftiest way to globetrot.

Booking a plane ticket on your own and living out of a backpack has traditionally been the cheapest way to explore the world – but is that still the case? Costs mount up quickly, especially when you price up accommodation, transport and must-do activities. If you’d rather not stay in a hostel and subsist on peanut butter, a group tour is the way to go. By joining a group tour, you can meet like-minded people, immerse yourself in a new culture – and stretch your budget a lot further.


Overnight stays come as part of the package on a tour, and often work out cheaper than going solo | © ADDICTIVE STOCK CREATIVES / Alamy Stock Photo

One of the more stressful and costly components of organising a trip is accommodation, especially if you plan on visiting multiple destinations. With a group tour, all the overnight stays are booked for you, and the cumulative price is lower, thanks to twin-share rooms and multi-night discounts. As a bonus, you’ll stay in hotels carefully selected by an expert on the area, taking quality, variety and facilities into account. Whether you’re snowmobiling in Iceland, hiking through Jordan or wine-tasting in Napa Valley, you can expect your accommodation to reflect the surrounding environment.

Private transport

Travelling alone means squeezing onto overcrowded trains, enduring eight-hour bus rides and lots of panicked research about the legitimacy of local cabs. But on a group tour, you can relax. Aside from your flights, all transport is included in the price. This means there will often be a private bus or car reserved just for your group. Not only does it work out cheaper than a patchwork of different modes of transport, but you’ll only have to share with others on your tour. Certainly preferable to sitting on a public bus with an unknown elderly gentleman falling asleep on your shoulder.

Private tours

Private excursions to the must-see attractions are often included in the trip price | © Cem Canbay / Alamy Stock Photo

Imagine the price-tag of booking a private wine tour for yourself. Astronomical, right? The benefit of joining a group trip is that costly private excursions are included in the price. Sunrise visits to famous landmarks, island-hopping on private boats and more come as standard. While planning a solo trip allows for greater flexibility, a group tour guarantees that only the best activities are on the roster, and you’ll have them all to yourself.

Food and drink

Group tours often come with an upscale meal or wine-tasting included | © Svetikd / iStock

If you’re a real foodie, then one of the most exciting aspects of travel is sampling local cuisine. Street-food bites are affordable and delicious, but what about something more upscale? Group tours will often include meals to top gastronomic spots in the price – special discounts and set menus make this far less expensive than if you wandered in alone. On top of this, you’ll likely be treated to complimentary cocktails, inclusive wine-tasting and even a sunset glass of champagne, if you’re lucky.

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