Top TRIPS by Culture Trip for Ticking Off Your Bucket List

Book the bucket-list trip of a lifetime and leave behind zero regrets.
Nick Dauk
13 Mar 2022
Your bucket list is begging to be conquered, and now’s the time to take that spirit-raising, life-changing adventure. Wonders around the world are waiting for you, from the pyramids in Egypt to the geishas in Japan and the Northern Lights in Scotland. All you need to do is pack a bag and hit the book button – these insider-led TRIPS by Culture Trip will do the rest, teaming you up with a group of like-minded new friends to share experiences with and taking you from A to B without the stress.
1 . Pyramids, Temples and the Nile: the Ultimate Egypt Experience

No one can deny the great pyramids of Giza a spot on their bucket list. Stepping foot in Egypt means walking through history, and on this 10-day group tour, you’ll see the country through the eyes of the pharaohs. You’ll marvel at one of the last Wonders of the Ancient World, find riches at the Khan el-Khalili bazaar to bring home, explore the Valley of the Kings and Luxor, and sail along the Nile in a traditional felucca.

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2 . Japan Rising: From Neon Lights to Rural Delights

There’s more than one reason why Japan nudges the top of numerous bucket lists – and this 12-day tour highlights them all. Cycle through the backstreets of Kyoto, weaving past geishas. Zip over to Tokyo for sushi-making classes and to see sumo wrestlers train. Take in the Japanese Alps with architecture tours and sake tasting. This diverse and extensive tour is well worth the top spot on your bucket list.

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Additional reporting was contributed by Siobhan Grogan.