Tinder Is Sending This Couple to Hawaii, The World Is Jealous and Here's Why

© Michelle Arendas
© Michelle Arendas
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Social Content Editor17 July 2017

This is a Tinder love story of epic proportions. So much so, that the infamous swiping app is sending the cute soon-to-be couple from America, to the glittering shores of paradise. Literally. Here’s why.

Say hello to 21 year-old Michelle Arendas and 22-year old Josh Avsec. (‘Hi!’) They are both students at Kent State University in Ohio, USA, and have been messaging each other on Tinder for the best part of three years.

© Michelle Arendas

Three years! Yes. Three years. Having not previously met each other, the two knock out stunners matched on dating app, Tinder, back in 2014. Nervous and ready to take the plunge, Avsec got uber brave and sent the message (we’ve all been there, don’t pretend you haven’t felt slightly sick saying a simple ‘hey’), and ‘hey Michelle!’ is exactly what Josh decided to write…

© Josh Avsec

Two months later (we know, awfully long time), the lovely Michelle finally replied with, ‘sorry my phone died.’ A millennial who can survive without her phone for two months? Groundbreaking, seriously. Appreciating the joke, Avsec, of course, replied back…

© Josh Avsec

Deciding to give Michelle a taste of her own medicine (lovingly, of course), Avsec too, replied two month later:

‘Sorry I was in the shower.’ It’s official, the flirting finally commences.

The exchanges went on and on, and according to Buzzfeed, both were surprised that either held on to the joke for so long. Deciding to make something of it, Avsec shared a screenshot of their exchanges on social platform Twitter. After an hour or two, it went viral, and someone tagged Arendas in the comments.

And of course, she replied.

With Twitter being Twitter, the couple (who have still not met, and aren’t even officially a couple) have already amassed a few fans:

After 20,000 plus retweets, Tinder caught sight of the exchanges and gave the couple exactly 24 hours to decide on a city both Michelle and Josh would want to have their first date in.

And yes, they were very serious.

Don’t believe us? Here’s even more proof:

© Josh Avsec

Moral of the story? Banter and jokes always prevail.

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