Three Ways to 'Find Your Wild' in America

Go to the edge – and beyond your comfort zone – with a climb up Canyonlands National Park, in Utah | © Jillian Meyer Photo / Getty Images

Finding your wild is all about deliberately going outside your comfort zone and challenging yourself to reach new heights. In collaboration with 14 Hands Winery, we dared three individuals to do just that – in three very different ways.

Jacob Moon

Photographer, adventurer, athlete, videographer, mountain man – Jacob Moon is many things. But one thing he may not have thought of himself as until recently is a painter. When he asked his social-media followers to challenge him to do something to help him “find his wild”, he was dared to put down the camera, pick up a brush and paint a beautiful landscape.

Camped out in the Utah desert in one of his favorite spots, Jacob set up his easel, laid out his acrylics, poured himself a generous glass of 14 Hands wine and got to work capturing the sunrise as it spilled over the magnificent red rock moonscapes. The end result was a ruddy, abstract depiction of the desert on the canvas, and a satisfied smile on the face of a man who’d completed a dare that took him well and truly beyond his usual routine.

Rene Daniella

Over in Malibu, you’d usually catch Rene Daniella free-diving, hosting travel videos or creating content for her platform, Until now, you’d be unlikely to find her rock climbing. But that’s exactly what she was dared to do as part of the 14 Hands and Culture Trip collaboration to help people “find their wild”.

Standing at the bottom of a daunting climb across rocks on a Malibu beach, Rene was clearly nervous as she got into her climbing gear and listened to the safety briefing. Then, stepping out of her comfort zone and into her harness, Rene tackled the steep climb with skill and confidence and was rewarded with a beautiful view of the ocean followed by a well-deserved glass of 14 Hands wine on the beach with her friends.

Rich Manley

Rich Manley was road tripping from New Mexico to White Sands when he was dared to go horseriding in the desert for the first time. While he may be no stranger to horseriding, Rich had never ridden through tricky sand dunes before, which is a challenging feat – even for accomplished equestrians.

Visibly unsure at first how things were going to pan out, Rich stepped up to the challenge and guided the horse through the sand without a hitch. Raising a glass of 14 Hands wine over the desert campfire that evening, Rich went on to challenge his social-media followers to “find their wild” and do something that takes them beyond their own comfort zone.

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